Sneak peek of our new Bingo caller!

We've done it! Based on all the suggestions and a lot of tough standards to meet, we're proud to reveal the new voice of the Bingo caller. We've prepared a sample clip of what you'll be hearing in the near future, calling all of your numbers in Bingo.

Look forward to this dynamic new voice calling your Bingo numbers! Let us know if you're excited as we are!

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Closing in on a new Bingo caller

Thank you for all your feedback! There were a lot of diverse applications but we're still looking for more input from you. It was brought to our attention that our Bingo caller could also embody a specific character or persona in order to be exciting. Also it may be the case that some players are too shy to offer their voice, but still have an idea of what the ideal Bingo caller could sound like.

For example, would the ideal Bingo caller sounds like James Bond? If you're interested in a dramatic kind of voice, would an opera singer be okay? For those that wanted something funny and exciting, would a pirate work? Narrow down your suggestions so we can find that perfect Bingo caller!

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VIP of the Week: saucyshawna

And our new VIP of the Week is saucyshawna! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (S)VIP and 500 coins for being our new VIP of the Week.

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

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Could you be our next Bingo caller?

As we always say, GamePoint truly relies on the community so that we can continue to make improvements and new features so that your gaming experience is as amazing as possible.

We know that the addition of the Bingo caller has been a great success, but we want it to be even better. It should reflect the community and who better to represent the community than you?

You're very welcome to make an audition video and post it to our Facebook fan pages! However, you're also welcome to describe your voice to us here in a comment. Either way, you might hear from us about collaborating and using you as a new Bingo caller! How would you deliver your lines when calling the numbers in Bingo? Describe to us what your voice sounds like (soft and sweet? deep and dramatic? high-pitched and preppy? sensual and mysterious?) and why you think everyone would love to hear your voice!

Apply today with a video or description of why you should be considered as the next Bingo caller!

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New and improved Battle Solitaire

GamePoint is always working to improve your gaming experience and now time for a new, faster and improved BattleSolitaire, with updated chat features and layout. Also, now you can play for Coins in BattleSolitaire. Here are some more details about the new features you can experience:

1. The game now uses the same technology as the majority of our games such as Bingo, CardParty and RoyalDice. This means it now works on even more devices which means more opponents. Due to the new technology used, the game is faster, smoother and loads quicker.

2. We added a sharp, new navigation bar at the top of the page showing your current Coin balance, your level progression, your online friends and provides a way to easily change rooms within BattleSolitaire.
When you change rooms, you'll still see the roomlist you're used to while our development team works on a brand new in-game roomlist. The new roomlist will enable you to jump rooms without ever leaving BattleSolitaire, making for a quicker & easier transition!

3. One of the biggest differences you'll notice is that the game now uses Coins to play. This increases the thrill of playing a game and pushes you to try your best against your opponent. As with the other games, you use the Coins you already have or use the Coins you claim every 3 hours to play.

4. We've also redesigned the chat, though it's still as big as you're used to. We've simply moved the private messages you used to receive on the right hand side into something we call Chat Heads. They're simply buttons that allow you to navigate between private conversations. They will pop up the moment you start a private conversation or when you receive a private message.

5. Open a private conversation by clicking that person's Chat Head. Their nickname will always appear above the conversation so you can make sure you’re in a private message or not. To return to the room chat, just click the three-person icon on top of the tab. 
If you're not friends yet with somebody yet, the 'add friend' button will appear behind their player name, so you can add them easily from this screen. Alternatively, you can add them through the friendlist or when hovering over their player names in the lobby, as you always could.

6.The smiley menu and the chat channels also got a redesign, as they were very due for a make-over. New events and occasions can bring seasonal smileys, so keep an eye on them!

7.Have you ever experienced typing a very long sentence and halfway through realized you made a mistake? In the previous version you couldn't see all the chat that you were typing in the input field. In this updated version, the input field enlarges if you type more than a single sentence. 

8.You might wonder where you can change your online status in this new version. No worries, it's still there – we’ve just moved it to another location. You simply have to click your avatar in the navigation bar to alter your status to your liking.

We hope you enjoy these cool, new updates as much as we do. Have fun and please let us know what you think!

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It's been an exciting week, but all good things must come to an end. The Bingo Week is over and our VIP sale will soon be over as well. This is your final chance to get that 50% discount on all VIP and SuperVIP subscriptions. That's half-off for Coin bonuses, VIP smileys and more!

See you online!

Your GamePoint Team

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Bingo Week has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed this celebration of GamePoint Bingo as much as we did. We still have a little surprise for you though. During the next three days you can either extend your VIP subscription or upgrade to a SuperVIP subscription with a 50% discount. This means half off on the best way to enjoy Bingo, as a VIP or SuperVIP. Get higher Coin gifts, special smileys and more.

Hurry! The sale will only last 3 days!

Your GamePoint Team

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Bingo Week is coming to an end. After 4 days of VIP gifts, 24 straight hours of prizes and over 150 winners, the final day of another fun GamePoint event has arrived. If you've collected Bingo Week's previous 4 event medals, playing Bingo today will see you completing the set and score an extra 20 days of free VIP. If you haven't collected all the medals, you'll still receive an extra VIP gift of 2 free days simply by playing a round today.

We hope you enjoyed our celebration of GamePoint Bingo and would love to see you back online for our next event.

Your GamePoint Team

Play Bingo for your fifth and last medal!

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On Day Four of our 5-day Bingo Week event, we have something extra special for you. Starting at 7 PM EST (6 PM CST, 4 PM PST, GMT 23:00 and CET 0:00 Sunday) on Saturday the 21st and ending at 7 PM EST on Sunday the 22nd, we'll be handing out prizes in Bingo every 15 minutes. Win cash prizes from 100 to 500 USD, lifetime SuperVIP subscriptions or Coin packages ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 Coins. Total prize money will be close to 10,000 USD CASH and over 250,000 Coins! And as a reminder, if you're a lucky winner of one of our cash prizes and USD is not your local currency, then we will convert the prize to your local currency (GBP, AUD, etc.). So everyone has a chance to win, no matter what region you're from!

With multiple prizes per drawing, 4 drawings per hour and 24 straight hours of prizes, your chances of winning are huge! If that isn't enough of a reason to play, every player that plays Bingo today during the giveaway will be rewarded with 2 days of free VIP and the fourth event medal.

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The third day of Bingo Week is here and that means another chance for you to claim two days of VIP by playing a round of Bingo. If you've collected the previous two event medals, getting today's event medal means you have three out of the needed five medals to get a full MONTH of VIP!

We're also less than a day away from our amazing 24 hour giveaway, starting at 7 PM EST (6 PM CST, 4 PM PST, and GMT 23:00, CET 0:00 Sunday) on Saturday the 21st and ending at 7 PM EST on Sunday the 22nd.

See you online!

Your GamePoint Team


Play Bingo for your third medal!

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