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RoyalDice - Game information

Objective of the game:

Roll 5 dice up to three times each round in order to achieve high scoring combinations. Your goal is to roll the highest possible score for each of the combinations listed on your score sheet. The player with the highest score is decided after thirteen rounds.

Basic rules of the game:

1. Use the dice button to throw your dice up to three times each round.

2. Choose the dice combination by clicking the dice.

3. Enter a scored result clicking on the result in the scorebook.

4. The player with the highest score after thirteen rounds wins the game.

5. The three column version of the game takes 39 rounds.

Bonus Points:

The RoyalDice is achieved when all five dice are the same. The first RoyalDice during a game can be marked in the RoyalDice category. When you throw a second or more RoyalDices, you will get a RoyalDice Bonus of 100 points each time. Of course, you will still have to mark the throw, so choose wisely. In Triple Mode, you have to first score 3 RoyalDices in the RoyalDice categories (1 for each column). The RoyalDice Bonus will be unlocked starting at the 4th RoyalDice you throw.

Tournament Mode:

When in Tournament Mode, you’ll play against the whole room at once. Be in the top four and win a lot of extra coins! You can also play in the SuperRounds where you can win the Super Party Pot!


At the start of the game and during the game you can choose to include three perks in your game:

- Card filler: shows the best possible position on the card to mark your throw
- Bonus helper: shows you how many points you still need in order to reach the bonus score
- Dice sorter: sorts the dice automatically for you after each throw


# Name Players Gametype Status
Mus-Lis-Stinki 8/16 Knock Out Completed
lissys 6 tuni 10/16 Knock Out Completed
Knuffy65 0/8 Knock Out Join
Mus Party 7/8 Knock Out Completed
Laurins Party 10/16 Knock Out Completed
tournoi de paques 3/16 Knock Out Join
Ostertumier 0/16 Knock Out Join
lissys 5 tuni 6/8 Knock Out Completed
Le BOSS 0/8 Poule Join
le retour 2 8/8 Knock Out Completed
Los Gehts 7/8 Knock Out Completed
retour rafale 9/16 Knock Out Completed
Nulluhrfünfzehn 0/8 Knock Out Join
jippiiiii 4/8 Knock Out Completed
jaaaaaaaaaaaa 5/8 Knock Out Completed
dj_stinki 3/8 Knock Out Join
laura-lissyturnier 6/8 Knock Out Completed
Süsser Jerry 7/8 Knock Out Completed
Letzte heute nää 5/8 Knock Out Completed
Laura die 2. 7/8 Knock Out Completed