Become a Bingo Millionaire

Become a Bingo Millionaire
We are giving away ONE MILLION COINS! Want a chance at winning this amazing prize? Click here and claim your special Bingo cards now! Don't forget to join us on Sunday May 24th at 3PM Eastern Time (20:00 GMT)!

How does it work?

GamePoint is giving you the opportunity to be a MILLIONAIRE! All you have to do is:

  • Claim your special Bingo cards by visiting a special Bingo Millionaire room by clicking HERE (don’t worry, you can come back and buy more later)
  • You can claim up to 15 cards per account.
  • Come in-game on May 24th at 3PM Eastern Time (20:00 GMT) to the Bingo Millionaire room to play the game with the cards you already claimed! In this Bingo Millionaire room, you'll get to see ALL the participants together in one room!
  • Sit back and we'll daub your cards for you since it's an automatic room. So you if you can't make it, your cards will still be played!

Play Bingo!

nina24143 - 17 Mai, 2015 21:14
exciting !! i would love to be gp rich lol...
LuvMyPapillon -
they arent even posting my questions
cindy_who6 -
NatchraL1 -
I love it! Thank you everyone at GamePoint!
LuvMyPapillon -
do we have to be present to win?i already bought cards i think but it instantly booted me and boots meevery time i enter the room.Thats a lot ot of coins i hope they arent lost
LuvMyPapillon -
do we have to be present to win?i already bought cards i think but it instantly booted me and boots meevery time i enter the room.Thats a lot ot of coins i hope they arent lost
Wouter - 19 Mai, 2015 18:20
Hi LuvMyPapillon,

We reimbursed the stakes for the round we did last Sunday so you can use those coins to buy new cards.

You don't have to be present during Millionaire round this sunday but it would be awesome if you could make it.
RuthSager -
where do i go to buy the cards i am confused
Wouter - 19 Mai, 2015 20:02
The room is a 105 coins automatic room, so its on the top of right side of the roomlist. See you there!
im_a_winner2 -
I've click on the link but have not gotten anything
Wouter - 19 Mai, 2015 23:54
When you click the link you'll be forwarded to the special Bingo Millionaire room. Here you can buy cards for the special Bingo Millionaire round this sunday. The pot is already over 2.6 million coins and when you buy cards it will be even bigger.
JennaJigglers -
How do we Claim our cards for this bingo
Aernout -
Hi JennaJigglers! You can simply buy a card like during any other round. Click on a card to get is. It might take a few minutes before the card appears, but it should become visible pretty soon. Once you have bought the cards they will remain there till the start of the round on Sunday. In the mean time you can play other games as well - they will not disappear.
jojo1022 - 20 Mai, 2015 00:15
can I buy cards and check in a few days or so............I am out of town on sunday
Aernout -
Hi jojo1022! You can buy a card(s) now, they will remain valid till the start of the round. Even if your not here (which would make me very sad ), you will participate in the Bingo round as the room is an automatic marking room. If you win, the coins will be added automatically! You might be a GamePoint millionaire by the time you get back in town after Sunday!
kgrace1 - 20 Mai, 2015 13:51
this is cool. i cant wait. thanks gamepoint.
tinker52 - 20 Mai, 2015 15:53
yahoo!! gp
SandyFidler - 20 Mai, 2015 20:23
Helene127 -
my coins are all gone and i dont know where those special cards sre help plzzzz
Sidney27 -
Cool beans Gamepoint !!! Good idea also :)
cindy_who6 -
well, i thiiiiink i got my 15 cards, i can't be there, i hope GP has got me covered .. Thankx GP
zondagskind - 24 Mai, 2015 19:16
We got you covered! You'll automaticly play if you purchased cards.
mdeschamp -
To win on Sunday the 24th would be awesome as it would have been my husbands and my 40th wedding anniversery .Unfortuninately he passed away 8yrs ago. i have bought my cards and will be watching. TYGP you have such fun games. See you sunday.Good luck to eveyone. Thanks again Mdeschamp
Wouter - 24 Mai, 2015 19:19
Best of luck to you mdechamp!
cindy_who6 -
i think im missing something , sorry, i cant tell if ive actually purchased the 15 cards. i checked my transacations, i dont see where the coins were taken out of my account. help?
Kitty31578 - 23 Mai, 2015 01:47
Go back and if your cards are showing then you did
FatPanda -
25tg i got this one .. lol
BettyMoore18 -
Please add me cause im on my cell n it didnt let me thanks alot gl all
AnnetteMay -
Wow, I buy six cards to play this game and I can't even get in the game. That's so wrong GP.
linagp - 24 Mai, 2015 22:00
Hi Annet, even if you could not get into the room - you participated in the game! It was a bingo round with automatic marking so the cards you bought were saved on your name and scratched automatically
Nastydog -
will there be a list posted who the winners were with what they won the amount and if it was diagonal etc? cant see it in history and cant enter the room so i do not know nor see who were the winners.
AnnetteMay -
Again, Gamepoint, I bought six cards ahead of time and could not get back in to play the game. I was not late and it's just not fair...
sisimimi -
Havent been able to get into room have been trying since 19.50pm brought my cards in disappointed not to be able to join in..
brickhouse74 - 24 Mai, 2015 21:58
me either
linagp - 24 Mai, 2015 22:51
Hi sisimimi! Don't worry - your cards were saved on your playername and the got scratched automatically - even if you were not able to join the room. So you did participate in the game and in the newest blog post (// you can find a link to check if you were lucky!
AnnetteMay -
not posting mine either.
memawsue1 -
sure hope they post the winners
memawsue1 -
sure hope they post the winners
RoseSingleton -
gp is a rip off i bought cards did not get to see them play they say they played but how do we know i want my coins back
vshimek -
I agree thats just my point. without being able to get in the room how do we know the cards we scratched..just because they say doesnt mean it did....thats like saying a suspect was at one place and taking their word for it...its called hear say. As you know hear say is NOT proof...I want to see the PROOF
blueeyedpupil -
most of us could not get in this is a joke. I want my coins back
brickhouse74 - 24 Mai, 2015 21:56
couldnt geto room i think this was unfair to some of us that wanted to play dont know who won but looking at my points it wasnt me i have come to the conclusion that people are using the cheat page to win all the super bingo and i really dont think its fair i am constantly buying coins and loosing
linagp - 24 Mai, 2015 22:39
Hi brickhouse! It is very unfortunate that you were not able to enter the room. You still participated in the game because the cards were saved on your name and they were scratched automatically. You can find more details about the Bingo Millionaire round in the newest blog post // :)
brickhouse74 - 24 Mai, 2015 21:57
help im broke
ilovebingo2013 -
who all won