Objective of the game
Objective of the game:
The objective of the game is to mark all the numbers on your Bingo card as quickly as possible. The first player to do this first, can get a pattern, a normal Bingo or even a SuperBingo!

Basic rules of the game:
1.Enter an automatic or manual marking room.

2.In an automatic marking room the computer will mark the numbers that have passed by automatically.

3.In a manual marking room you will have to use your mouse to mark the numbers that pass by yourself by clicking on them quickly.

4. Be the first to complete a horizontal, vertical line, two different diagonal lines, pattern or full card to claim a prize. When you win, it will automatically be announced in the chat. If that does not happen, someone else beat you to it.

5. Play in a room with extra cards or higher speed for an extra Bingo challenge. These rooms are marked with an extra card or stopwatch icon in the roomlist.

When the superpot reaches its limit a special SuperBingo round will start where all rooms with the same value and setting will participate in. The SuperBingo round works the same as a normal round but has higher prizes!