GamePoint Slots
   GamePoint Slots Closed Beta
1. Which devices/operating systems (OS) will be supported?
It would be great if everyone could participate, however the game does have some minimal requirements.
Android: OS 4+
iOS: 8+ (iPhone and iPad)
2. Will I be notified if I didn't get invited?
Of course, participating in a closed beta test is pretty cool. However we will only be inviting a limited amount of players that have a device capable of running the game. Unfortunately, this means some will not be receiving an invite. They will not be notified, however we do thank them for the effort of submitting their details and appreciate their interest in helping GamePoint Slots become a success.
3. Have a question about the gameplay in GamePoint Slots Mobile?
We'd love to help you further. Please send your question directly to us by clicking here. Select the category "GamePlay" and select question "I've a question about GamePoint Slots Mobile".
4. I've found something which you should look into
We've put a lot of love, time and energy into making GamePoint Slots Mobile. We think it's pretty neat, however as it is a test it's possible you may find something that does not work, or should work differently. The sole purpose of this test is to find those issues and it would be great if you report them to us. Simply send us a mail via the contact option in-game, or click here.