Join Double Bingo

Join Double Bingo
You want to double the fun? And even double the prizes? Then you should play Double Bingo!

We made it even easier for you to find your favorite Double Bingo room with the new room list. All Double Bingo rooms are now in one place and with a simple click on the Double Bingo tab on the left side of the room list, you'll see them all!

If Double Bingo isn't enough for some of you, then Triple Bingo is the answer! You can still find the Triple Bingo rooms, now together within the Double Bingo tab.

Check it out now and play Double Bingo (with this FREE CARD)!

LasShonn - 3 May, 2017 9:44 PM
I tried to claim my free card for double bingo, and it did not work for me, I clicked where it said click here. I do love and ejnoy Game Point
AidaGP - 4 May, 2017 9:21 AM
Looks like you got it! (4 minutes before your comment actually)

When you have a free card, they're displayed in the room list where they're valid and entering the the room and clicking on it means using it. So if you have "1x card" in a room, that means playing 1 card is free. If it says "3x card" in the room, that means playing 3 cards is free.
LasShonn - 4 May, 2017 6:27 AM
Thank you Game Point for my free card :)
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Hi Natalia... how can we help you...?