Giveaway: You decide the prizes!

Giveaway: You decide the prizes!
On Tuesday June 20th, we're having a grand giveaway. The best part? Your performance during the GamePoint Marathon determines exactly what we're giving away! By playing as many Bingo Cards as possible or as many rounds of your favorite game, you help fill up the community meter on our GamePoint Marathon page.

This is the full list of prizes you, our amazing players, can unlock for the giveaway:

  • 10 winners of 3 months of VIP
  • 8 winners of 1 year of VIP
  • 4 winners of 50,000 Coins + 10 Coins for all Marathon participants
  • 5 winners of Lifetime SuperVIP
  • 2-hourly gift for 24 hours (starting on June 20th 4AM EST)
  • 2 winners of an iPhone + 20 Coins for all Marathon participants
  • 3 winners of a tablet
  • 8 winners of 250,000 Coins
  • 6 winners of a Laptop + 30 Coins for all Marathon participants
  • 15 winners of a flat-screen TV

Which prize would you play for? Let us know!

Play now to unlock your favorite prize!

kgrace1 -
We have to use a friends T>V. Because, A brand new Smart T.v. We just got . Just broke. And the store we got it at, is giving us a big run around. We are useing a very small one for the liven room. So, the T.v. Would be so nice. Thanks. And XXX Good luck all.
AidaGP - 13 June, 2017 12:52 PM
As of this comment, the 3rd tier was unlocked. Meaning that during the giveaway there will be 4 winners of 50,000 Coins each as well as 10 Coins given to everyone on June 20th. To get to the TV as part of the giveaway, everyone has to keep on playing until tier 10 is unlocked. Good luck all!
RobinMoses1 -
I need coins to play, lost 5 days in a row.. now broke.
AidaGP - 14 June, 2017 12:50 PM
As of this comment, we're really close to the 5th tier prize which means that everyone gets to enjoy 2-hourly gifts for 24 hours (which will take place on June 20th). So that's plenty more Coins for everyone
LasShonn - 14 June, 2017 6:48 PM
I would love one of the winners of lifetime SuperVip