All your Bingo Cards in one place!

All your Bingo Cards in one place!
Got some free Bingo Cards as a reward from completing a Collection but not sure where to find them or how many you have left? Here's a solution: the new Bingo Card Inventory exclusively in Bingo.

Whenever you're in Bingo, open the inventory by clicking on Bingo card icon that's within the grey bar above the game. You'll see how many bingo Cards you have and for what value. To play them, simply click on "Play" to go directly into the room.

And there's more! Maybe you saw the 'Coming Soon' tab when you deposit, and now we can finally share what's coming: the best ever deals on Bingo Cards! Make sure to come back and take a look here so you don't miss it!

Play Bingo & try it it out NOW!

Lambchop0 -
i must be dumb i cant figure it out,when i click it the deposit page comes up
AidaGP - 12 July, 2017 5:27 PM
Hey lambchop, see the image at the top? Literally click on the little Bingo card icon. When you hover your mouse over it, it'll even say, "Your Bingo Cards."
ClaraJoseph1 -
it really is a small circle. Thank You for the game. Miss you all.