Time to win!

Time to win!

The big day is here! No doubt you're excited for today's big giveaway, especially if you're a VIP or SuperVIP. That's because VIPs and SuperVIPs will have all their Coin prizes automatically include 50% or 100% more Coins. There's also plenty of other neat prizes to win, such as a Samsung Tablet!

To join the giveaway, be online from 3PM ET (20:00 UK) and keep an eye on our chat announcements. You could see your name listed as a winner! See you there!

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kgrace1 -
Well Gamepoint, You did it to me again. I got V.I.P. And had 4,000.00 in coins. And in 5 days you have taken over 3,000.00. So, Never ever again will i do V.I.P. Tha same players win day after day. You can say it is luck. @ days winning maybe But, 7 days every day. No not luck. Well, Great day to all. XXXX Gl to all that have very low coins and never win.
stirlinggp - 5 September, 2017 9:14 PM
Dear kgrace1,

Thank you for your comment!

I'm sorry about this issue, but the blog post is referring to a giveaway! We would be happy to talk to you further about this through our helpdesk.

Best regards.

Stirling - GamePoint support