Double your Slots and Mini Slots Winnings!

 Double your Slots and Mini Slots Winnings!

As many of you already know, the Mini Slots in GamePoint Bingo is a great way to play for extra Coins while you wait between rounds and especially between SuperBingos. You can access it by clicking on the Mini Slots icon that's in the grey bar above the game. Mini Slots are played with the same Coins as GamePoint Bingo.

Starting today November 27th until the Wednesday the 29th, double your bets to double your winnings in Mini Slots and also in GamePoint Slots!

2x Max Bet means it's a great time to see even bigger wins in your favorite slots or in Mini Slots while waiting for your Bingo round!

Spin the reels in  Bingo Mini Slots and GamePoint Slots now!

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