The Happy Hours are back!

The Happy Hours are back!
In the coming days, we'll be treating you to everyone's favorite Happy Hours. Perfect for getting into the mood to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Between 1-8PM ET, make the most of Extra SuperBingos and Full RoyalDice Jackpots. That means plenty of opportunities to win tons of Coins! For Slots lovers, you can also double your max bet for doubled winnings!

Happy Hours will be running daily until December 5th, so don't miss out! Maybe you'll even get a surprise or two while playing GamePoint Bingo this week.

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lucyloo25 -
need to have different levels of winners. Say the 10,000 person would have to move up to the next higher room to play. Say 10,000 - 25,000. Play there and win but keep going up levels as you win. Lose? go back to appropriate room. No 300,000 coins in the 5 coin room. Get it?
AidaGP - 4 December, 2017 9:09 AM
We rather where everyone is welcome to play whereever they want. For example if two friends want to play together, they shouldn't be blocked from doing that if they have vastly different Coin amounts.