Tis the season to be jolly!

Tis the season to be jolly!
After a magical Winter Wonder Week, we're ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Whether you get cuddled up on your sofa, clink glasses with your friends, share laughter with your loved ones or play a round of your favorite GamePoint game (or hey, why not everything at once?!), we hope you enjoy the holidays and the last few days of what's been a wonderful year together!

The GamePoint Team wishes you Happy Holidays!

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GingerL11 -
Merry Christmas to Gamepoint employees and to all the players
GingerL11 -
For the new year I hope maybe you sell GP items like stylus pens,mousepads,t-shirts,maybe little "lucky" stuffed characters,especially the winter characters i LOVE the winter bingo guy with the hat on.I know the design has their hands pretty full but it's an idea, :)
Wouter - 27 December, 2017 3:54 PM
Hi Ginger,
Thank you for the great idea!
GingerL11 -
you're welcome,haha that was supposed to say design team LOL,i should proof read
kgrace1 -
Ok GP, Have been playing in the 100 coin room for 7 hours today. And the same dam players have been winning . No bull here. Do something! I just can;t believe that you can sit and say, This shit is random! Because, It;s NOT ! thanks for a no fun Christmas!!!!!!! Going to stop Playing for a while. And Not buying any more coins. You can just take them in the rooms. I am sick of the unfair way you have the games. So sad to , I use to LOVE your site.
Wouter - 27 December, 2017 3:53 PM
Hi Kgrace1,

A 7 hour stretch! That is quite a while and I can imagine that it takes a little out of you. Thankfully I see there has been some winnings as well.
wildirishrose3 -
thanks for making gamepoint bingo more interesting with your extra gmes withing the bingo games and all the extra cash bonuses etc. also the different events and daubers. you make the games more fun also. thanks to all your efforts and please have a healthy and happy new year.