We're thankful for GIVEAWAYS!

We're thankful for GIVEAWAYS!

This Thanksgiving, we're grateful for all our players and the amazing community that they make. It's been a great year filled with big changes and improvements. 

That's why on Thursday, we're having a 24-hour Giveaway! So, no matter when you have a free moment to play (while the turkey's still in the oven, during halftime, while you're traveling and playing from your mobile device, or digesting after your big meal), you'll have a chance to win REAL PRIZES! When you're online in any game or any room, starting November 22nd at 9AM ET up until November 23rd at 9AM ET, stay for a bit and you could win prizes designed to make your next dinner party a blast. 

Wishing you and your loved ones, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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dogghowse -
Awesome! Sounds like fun. Happy Thanksgiving to the GP Staff and their Families too!