Party in Paris!

Party in Paris!

Carnival is all about a great party, and the best one takes place everyday in the Bingo Party room. So between March 4-6, if you participate in the daily Bingo Party round, then you have a chance to win 15 FREE CARDS for the next day's Bingo Party! Winners will be announced at the end of the round.

Here's everything you need to know to get the best party of the year:

  • Bingo Party is an automatic daubing room (15 Coins)
  • The round takes place every day at 2PM ET
  • When you get your cards, they'll be saved until the start of the round
  • All cards will automatically played at the start of each round, even if you're offline or in a different game!

Party on!

Get your Bingo Party cards now!

HopperFroggie - 7 March, 2019 2:22 AM
please fix the mobile app,its just a blue screen,tried 2 phones and ipad so its not my device :(