Join the Amazing Bingo Show!

Join the Amazing Bingo Show!
Over the last few months, Binky has been travelling around Europe and GamePoint will be revealing the next destination in our Amazing Bingo Show!

Everyone's invited to join our Amazing Bingo Show where we'll announce all the fun things coming in June and play our World Famous Live Bingo! You'll see some familiar and new faces from GamePoint go in front of live cameras as they play a live round of Bingo for you to win prizes, like a Samsung tablet! Here's what you need to know:

  • It's FREE! Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card by clicking here
  • You can print your Live Bingo Card if you want, but your card will be automatically daubed as we call out the numbers live
  • Your card will be daubed even if you're offline
  • When you claim your Live Bingo Card, you're automatically in the running to win a Samsung Tablet!

The show takes place on Thursday, June 6th and that means there's only 6 days left until the fun kicks off!

Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card now!

KRZYGY58 - 2 June, 2019 9:14 AM
You at "GP" are a royal pain in the ASP! Why do you people think it's ok to bombard players with (pop-ups) on your so called AMAZING BINGO?! Every single friggin time, we want to change rooms!!!
Crap! Give it a rest! It's NOT "cute" it's beyond annoying, it's aggravating!!!