Always a secure connection at GamePoint

Always a secure connection at GamePoint
At GamePoint, your security is one of our top priorities. You were already connected safely within all games and when making deposits, but now we've improved the security across the entire website.

You'll now see the url in your browsers starting with "https" and see it either in green text or with a little lock nearby. This tells you that you're now surfing and playing on a secured connection.

What does this mean for you? 

You shouldn't experience any other differences when visiting GamePoint or playing your favorite games.

In rare cases, it's possible that you're not logged in automatically. If so, you can retrieve your password by following these easy steps:

  • Click on 'Lost password?' next to the green login button on the top of the page.
  • On the new page, click on the blue button 'Recover password'
  • Enter your username
  • Press the green 'Request' button

We'll send a message to the email address linked to your account. Don't forget to check the 'junk' or 'spam' folder of your email client, it could be that mail ends up there.

If you need further support, we'll gladly help you out on our Facebook page to get you back ingame.

Enjoy a round of Bingo

nazzzii -
u kidding right lol
kgrace1 -
Mikogirl -
my https has a big red line though it and ond to the left has a red tiangle ! inside it and in capts says NOT SECURE this site is not secure will not work if you type it in also
Mikogirl -
my bank uses https and with my work also requires this for private an personal info but not this site i will not let use go to a secure site and if there is a way please let us know what to type in the search bar
AidaGP - 13 January, 2017 12:29 PM
Hi Mikogirl, you might be able to click the little lock and see further details. In this case, could you contact our Helpdesk with what those further details are? For example, I'm on Chrome and I see the green text lock. But the Helpdesk should hear your circumstances as well