Sweet & Romantic Giveaway Prizes!

Sweet & Romantic Giveaway Prizes!
We're having a giveaway on Monday, February 13th at 6PM EST where you can win prizes like Coins and Memberships just for being online in your favorite game! But the grand prize will be the Ultimate Chocolate Basket, filled with Godiva sweets, right on time for the most romantic day of the year! What would you do with basket of nearly 100 pieces of Godiva chocolate and who would you share it with? 

Be sure to keep on collecting as many 3-hourly gifts as possible during the Chocolate Gala. The in-game meter will continue to fill up and on Valentine's Day, you can win up to a WEEK of FREE VIP! 

Check out all the events like Happy Hours and goodies by clicking here 

Play Bingo and collect your EXTRA Coin gift!

kgrace1 -
Thank you Gamepoint.
evil_santa -
where do i find the in-game meter x
mdzee - 7 February, 2017 10:04 PM
It's at the top of the screen--you will see a "crown" emblem for VIP and the slide moves as you collect coins.
AidaGP - 8 February, 2017 9:09 AM
Mdzee has the answer! You can also click on it and you'll see our event page that tells you exactly how many days you've all won for far
mdzee - 7 February, 2017 10:02 PM
I have been playing auto 50 coin games and was not getting any collection items. I noticed that the manual option was selected and have tried to click on the "auto" option but still no collectibles.
Each time I check, the option is changed back to manual? Does GP make that selection so if I hit "play" I am directed to that room?? I previously had no problems until yesterday??
AidaGP - 8 February, 2017 9:36 AM
Hi there! Clicking on 'Find Items' takes you to the rooms where collections belong, but doesn't force them to appear per se, since they pop up purely based on chance. Manual or Automatic doesn't make a difference.

And by default, the option is set to Manual. So if you want an Automatic room, change it to Automatic and that's where you'll go.