Delicious collections and romantic cups!

Delicious collections and romantic cups!
The Chocolate Gala  is all about romantic gifts! See how we're showing our love for players by checking out all the events, including the Happy Hours and Giveaway by clicking here.

We have 2 limited-time Bingo Collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms. If you complete the Chocolates Collection, then a reward of 1,500 Coins is yours. Complete the Valentine Collection and you'll win 10,000 Coins too. RoyalDice also has a romantic cup for you, available for a limited-time! 

Need more romance? Then treat yourself to the Heart Dauber, the Pink Dice and Rose Cup thanks to a big discount during the event. Don't miss out!

And keep on collecting as many 3-hourly gifts as possible. You've already earned 3 day(s) of FREE VIP that you'll receive on Valentine's Day. Keep going to increase your prize!

Play now with your EXTRA gift now!

mdzee - 8 February, 2017 9:23 AM
What are the Happy Hours On the Gala info it sates 1-4 EST and 6-10 EST. The note that popped up on chat said 7-10 EST which is 1 hour less. Most happy hours have been 3 hours so it was nice to see an extra hour,but which one is correct??
AidaGP - 9 February, 2017 12:59 PM
The chat announcement one is correct, because it's tied to the actual start of the event. I guess we were thinking about daylight-savings time coming up! Thanks for pointing it out