Solved! Update on Loading issues

Solved! Update on Loading issues
As we mentioned the other day, Adobe Flash recently released a new version. However thanks to players coming to us, it’s clear that this new Flash version in combination with certain browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, experienced loading issues which we can now offer solutions.  

Internet Explorer 11 & Edge
All connection and loading issues are resolved. You should be able to play and have fun without any issue stemming from the original issues. Let us know if there is anything else related!

If you want to keep on using Firefox, install the newest 64-bit version. That one is thoroughly tested and verified as working properly. We found that it loads smoother and faster than older versions. Get it now from the official website by clicking here!

Google Chrome
There hasn’t been a single issue caused by the combination of the newest flash version and Chrome. That’s why we always recommend using Chrome over other browsers. Want to jump on board? Click here to get it from the official website!

Need more help?
Our Support team is ready to help you out if you come across any other issues. To contact them while you’re in-game, click on ‘Contact’ and use Servicepoint to write about your issue.

Thanks for all your patience and help since yesterday. Our technical teams couldn’t have done it without your cooperation! Hope your games today are lucky!

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kgrace1 -
Thanks gp for the help. :) Have a good day.
kgrace1 -
And Free Coins. Always love that.
SonyaRagin - 17 March, 2017 7:51 PM
Thank you for my free coins!!! you are the best!!
Brian722 -
Still cant get it to load!
AidaGP - 20 March, 2017 3:40 PM
Hi Brian, I notice you're using Internet Explorer 11 and an older version of Flash. When you're trying to load the games, what exactly do you see on your screen? Is it a loading screen going to a certain percentage? Or are there any other pop-ups or messages?

Could it perhaps work differently if you tried using the Chrome browser which automatically keeps the latest version of Flash?
Brian722 -
It loads to 70% and stops
TinaM621 -
my games still wont load. very furstrating
AnnetteA658 -
im still having trouble loading the game nothing is coming up or it says this web page is having trouble loading, im getting frustrated with it