Join Bingo Party and win Lifetime VIP!

Join Bingo Party and win Lifetime VIP!
Ever thought about becoming a VIP? Participate in today's special Bingo Party round and you could win VIP for life! That's right: bonuses on all deposits, Coin gifts, access to VIP smileys and VIP chat and more, FOREVER.

If you want to win, just participate in today's Bingo Party round and claim your cards before the round starts at 2PM ET. Your cards will be saved and automatically daubed when the round starts. Not only do you have the chance to win huge Coin prizes, but also lifetime VIP status only today!

Don't let this opportunity pass. Claim your cards NOW and join us when the round starts. See you there!

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Winners of Lifetime VIP:


HaseebM2 - 14 April, 2017 11:43 AM
May the best GP'er win :D
Hi, I would love to have a good win in Super bingo. And to become a V.I.P. FOR LIFE WOULD JUST BE amazing. Good luck to all who take part. Getting excited now only half an hour to go lol
Frances -
love this game
Frances -
can i please win something
PrinnaMariposa8 -
who won?brought up the tournament results but the 14th is blank
Kabubble -
most of those names belong to annabelle haha gp
AidaGP - 18 April, 2017 11:28 AM
Kabubble, that's entirely incorrect. We had winners from all our regions, so that includes someone from Germany, Spain, Netherlands, etc. And of course our English-speaking regions