Keep on playing by activating Flash

Keep on playing by activating Flash
GamePoint's always looking for the best user experience. Lately some of our players received a notification that they need to either activate or install their Flash Player. But true GamePoint fans like most of you have already done this!

We've updated our website to help you allow the Flash Plugin for GamePoint if you're using Google Chrome.

There's only two steps needed to get back to your favorite game.



1. If you see this screen, simply press 'Activate/Download Flash'










2. Click on 'allow' in the pop-up.

GamePoint will then automatically refresh and you can play your favorite games again!

Need help?
Leave a comment below or contact us through ServicePoint. We'll gladly help you out!

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G56H -
I hope the problem is fixed as I lost 250 coin in game last night because the game kept freezing and I missed 2 turns and then got booted. and my Flash is up to date. maybe U can give me back those coins. ty
AidaGP - 14 April, 2017 5:09 PM
Hi G56H, that sounds a bit different than what we've detailed above. If you happen to experience freezing again, try to click on 'Contact' at the bottom of the gamescreen and send us an email using the Technical category. We'd like to see some details so we can investigate on your behalf :)
RoseAlmaC1 -
the game keeps freezing and the techical problem keeps coming up
RoseAlmaC1 -
just get me back on I don't want too lose all my coins .I paid for them
RoseAlmaC1 -
I already have Adobe flash
MichelleB574 - 14 April, 2017 9:52 PM
I play on my iphone and ipad and I get lines, patterns and bingo's and I don't get paid my winnings!! It's very frustarating as I have spent alot of money purchasing coins and only to loose all the time!! Its not my phone or ipad it's your site!! Always slow and it freezes all the time!! It used to be fun to play but not anymore!! It's such a shame gamepoint!! Have a nice day!!! P.S it would be really nice to see new people win superbingo's and the bingo party!! That gets really boring as well and it's not fair!!! Happy Easter
AidaGP - 18 April, 2017 10:52 AM
Hi MichelleB574, what we're talking about in the blog post itself is specific to desktop browsers.

When a player wins, their name is announced in the game chat. And indeed the names are those who got it on the earliest ball. If there's some connection issues between the game and a player, sometimes the balls are a bit behind what's actually being called (sometimes this is most evident when the balls suddenly 'rubber band' past the screen trying to catch up). So by the time you daub a number, the prize may have already fallen.

The best way to ensure your numbers are marked the correct instant they're called is to use Automatic mode. The system always daubs em immediately and correctly. Give it a try!
TerrieR15 -
TerrieR15 -
TerrieR15 -
need 125
Raybi -
BarbaraR478 -
some of us have galaxy tablet that does not support flash.
AidaGP - 18 April, 2017 10:14 AM
Hi Barbara, tablets/mobile devices are different because they work via an app. The issue above is specific to desktop browsers