Giveaway today!

Giveaway today!
Starting at 7PM ET, GamePoint will be hosting an amazing giveaway in-game with fantastic prizes! Don't miss it and make sure you're online in your favorite game. Yes! That's all you have to do for a chance to win one of our lovely prizes.

Keep an eye on the chat to see if you're a winner! What would you like to win?

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VivianP102 -
Great!!! Thank you!!
RachelLebron -
Thank You Game Point I wonnnnnn Samsonite luggage thank you very much wujuuuuu :)
AidaGP - 12 Februar, 2019 1:32 PM
Congrats! By the way, we sent you an email with details on claiming your prize
Lacrossemom48 -
I wanna win!