BINGO SNAPSHOTS - Share your Bingo Face

Love yelling, BINGO!? That intense excitement and happiness when you win is one of the best feelings ever, where we jump for joy and feel like we're on top of the world.

We want to capture the essence of that euphoria, and share it. That’s why GamePoint Bingo is preparing our newest feature: Bingo Snapshots

Imagine playing GamePoint Bingo. The scene, the balls bouncing around in the canister and you have 3 to go. Your heart's pounding as you see one of your number roll by. The tension rises as others say they have 1 to go and it's anyone's game.

Now another number you need comes by and there's no winner yet. You're getting nervous. The pot's growing and you're imagining what you'll do with all the Coins. The next ball is coming and it feels like an eternity... The wind howls, the house creaks, and your bones feel cold. There it comes, the next ball. It's your number You can’t believe it! You daub and… FIREWORKS! You have done it, you just won the BINGO!

Can you feel it? That is the moment we're talking about, the moment when we want to capture YOUR Bingo Face.

Every time you win a bingo, the game will automatically make a snapshot through YOUR phone camera or webcam to capture YOUR happy face. It'll be shared with everyone playing all around the world! If you're feeling on top of the world, might as well let the world know it. So… Bingo Snapshot shares your Bingo Face!


Before launch, you can already practice your best winning face by clicking here

Bingo Snapshots, the next big thing. Coming soon.

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New: Boost your Coins!

There's something new in the GamePoint Shop! It's a special tab where you can see Deals. The first deal we're offering is something that'll help you out every day and let's you enjoy more games.

You can purchase a special BOOST that lasts for 30 days. That means, you can claim EXTRA Coins each day you log in, that'll add up to 150% more Coins! Make sure to pick up these extra Coins every single day for the maximum bonus!

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Exciting updates for RoyalDice on your mobile device!

GamePoint always strives to deliver you the best game experience possible. Recently we introduced a couple of exciting (and much anticipated!) features to our RoyalDice mobile app, which we would like to present to you. Here's what's new:

New score card
A while ago, tablet players had to get used to a score card that was not optimized for their devices. We took this feedback to heart and developed a new score card for all our players, which no longer requires them to scroll down to the buttom part. All scores are now neatly visible next to each other. This no score card has been implemented in normal, tournament and party mode rounds.

New throw animation
To complement the new score card, we also reworked the dice throw animation, so it no longer covers any potential scores you would like to fill in.

New top bar
We rearranged your player information at the top new to put important features into the spotlight,



We want to thank all players that took the time to share their constructive feedback with us, which helped us a lot to improve our RoyalDice mobile app! What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to update RoyalDice on your smartphone and tablet:

RoyalDice on Android:
RoyalDice on iOS:

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