Extra SuperBingos just for you!

Do you want a chance to win BIG? Join us February 19th between 1-4 PM ET, because we’ll make sure that the SuperBingo pots will be bursting with Coins!

We hope to see you there!

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Coming Soon to RoyalDice...

There's big changes coming to RoyalDice and they're just around the corner!

What would you say to...

  • Updated layout
  • More realistic dice animation
  • NEW game mode for you to win COINS

Keep an eye out for announcements, because RoyalDice is going to get better than ever!

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Join our Giveaway for Two!

It's the most romantic giveaway of the year! We're going to be giving away PRIZES at 1PM ET (18:00 UK) on Wednesday, February 12th and all you have to do is be online in any game or room. But this time, if you win a prize, you'll win ANOTHER PRIZE (the same one) that you can choose to give to your beloved valentine! You won't want to miss this!

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Weekend fun!

The love party continues all weekend long! For RoyalDice fans, we'll have an extra Tournament available where we'll add TEN THOUSAND COINS to win. For GamePoint Bingo fans, a very special Golden Ball might roll through your rounds. If you happen to see it, then all participants will win a FREE Bingo Card.

And don't forget, there's still time to progress on the Love Road. The more you play, the more hearts you'll collect that you can claim for prizes! Click on the Love Road button in your favorite game!

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Watch us LIVE!

We love having fun with players, so we're hosting lots of LIVE shows! Be sure to tune in where you can learn more about the Love Road event, meet the GamePoint team and maybe win prizes!

You'll see us LIVE at the top-right of your screen if you play via a computer or by tapping the 'LIVE' button in the GamePoint Bingo app. You can also catch our livestream on our official Facebook page too.

Monday, February 3rd at 8AM ET (13:00 UK)
Tuesday, February 4th at 2PM ET (19:00 UK)
Wednesday, February 5th at 4AM ET (09:00 UK)
Thursday, February 6th at 2PM ET (13:00 UK)
Friday, February 7th at 4AM ET (09:00 UK)

Monday, February 10th at 8AM ET (13:00 UK)
Tuesday, February 11th at 2PM ET (19:00 UK)
Wednesday, February 12th at 5AM ET (10:00 UK)
Thursday, February 13th at 2PM ET (19:00 UK)
Friday, February 14th at 4AM ET (09:00 UK)

We hope you tune in!

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The Road to Your Heart

Normally, the road to someone's heart involves long talks, walks on the beach, fancy dinners and more. For GamePoint players, Coins are definitely involved! That's why for Valentine's, we're bringing back the popular event where you can play and win extra Coins along the 'Love Road'. Play for Hearts and exchange them for rewards like Coins and limited prizes! Click on the 'Love Road' in-game to see your progress.

Get yourself in the Valentine spirit by using the lovely Heart dauber in GamePoint Bingo, now available with a 50% discount. You can also start playing to collect pieces and upgrade a brand new Valentine Cup in RoyalDice! And for WordTornado fans, we added some themed boards as well.

We saved the best for last, we're having a GIVEAWAY on Thursday, February 6th at 1PM ET. There will be plenty of Coins and Memberships for you to win just for being online. We hope to see you there.

One more question, will you be our Valentine?

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Giveaway: February 2 at 2PM ET

Time to have some fun with a giveaway! If you want to win amazing prizes like Coins, Memberships, Bingo Cards or a TABLET, then all you have to do is be online on Sunday, February 2nd starting at 2PM ET (19:00 UK). It can be in any game and in any room. And then it might be your name called out to be a lucky winner!

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Welcome two brand new RoyalDice Cups!

You've been waiting for it and now we can finally present you: two brand new RoyalDice Cups, which our talented RoyalDice artists created with YOUR help during the last Winter Wonder Week! Play with them for free, all you have to do is collect them from treasure chests in RoyalDice. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

  • Travel Cup – play and win around the world!
  • Cutie Cup – will your happy little friend bring you lucky dice?

Which one is your favorite? If you’re ready to collect them all, head to RoyalDice now and play!

Play RoyalDice now!

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Spin the Wheel of SuperBingo!

Today you can enjoy extra SuperBingos with a twist! Play GamePoint Bingo at 1PM ET and follow our live video next to the game. You can watch us spin the Wheel of SuperBingo live and find out where we are going to fill up the next SuperBingo pot!

Extra SuperBingos mean extra chances for you to win huge coin prizes. Will you be there?

Play GamePoint Bingo

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Player vs Employee

On Monday, January 27th, you will get a chance to challenge GamePoint employees for a round of RoyalDice!

Do YOU have what it takes to beat us in a game of RoyalDice? Go to our international room ‘Real Time INT’ between:
4-6AM ET (UK 09:00 – 11:00)
9-11AM ET (UK 14:00 – 16:00)
1-3PM ET (UK 18:00 – 20:00)

How to find the international room ‘Real Time INT’:
• Click on the ‘Switch room’-icon in the top right corner of your screen
• Join ‘Real Time INT’.

Are you the real King or Queen of Games? Prove it and show us!

Play RoyalDice!

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