Spin the Wheel of SuperBingo!

Today you can enjoy extra SuperBingos with a twist! Play GamePoint Bingo at 1PM ET and follow our live video next to the game. You can watch us spin the Wheel of SuperBingo live and find out where we are going to fill up the next SuperBingo pot!

Extra SuperBingos mean extra chances for you to win huge coin prizes. Will you be there?

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Player vs Employee

On Monday, January 27th, you will get a chance to challenge GamePoint employees for a round of RoyalDice!

Do YOU have what it takes to beat us in a game of RoyalDice? Go to our international room ‘Real Time INT’ between:
4-6AM ET (UK 09:00 – 11:00)
9-11AM ET (UK 14:00 – 16:00)
1-3PM ET (UK 18:00 – 20:00)

How to find the international room ‘Real Time INT’:
• Click on the ‘Switch room’-icon in the top right corner of your screen
• Join ‘Real Time INT’.

Are you the real King or Queen of Games? Prove it and show us!

Play RoyalDice!

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Ring in Chinese New Year as a Bingo Superstar!

Do you want to ring in the Chinese New Year as a Bingo Superstar? On January 23rd to January 25th we’re hosting an exclusive Super Collection Party in GamePoint Bingo. Join us in the special 1,500 Coin room and play for exclusive Collections and prizes!

Can’t wait to see all our Bingo Superstars there!

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Double SuperBingos

Do you want an extra chance to win BIG? Join us TODAY from 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM ET for back-to-back SuperBingos!

How does this work? Every time a SuperBingo winner is announced we’ll go in and refill the pot so that everyone in the room has a second chance to win!

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Extra SuperBingos

Join us NOW in GamePoint Bingo because we’re making sure that SuperBingos drop at least twice as often! Don’t miss out on a chance to win!

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Extra Tournament in RoyalDice!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we are hosting an extra Tournament in RoyalDice. Join us from January 17th to January 25th and roll your way to the top for that 1st place prize! Especially since we added 10,000 Coins to the pot!

Join us in RoyalDice for a chance to win BIG!

Play RoyalDice now!

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Thank you for supporting Australia!

On the 10th of January, we wanted to show our support for Australia and our Australian GamePoint Community, so we set up a special Australian care package promotion and donated a portion of the proceeds towards the Red Cross’ efforts in Australia.

With your help we were able to raise a total of €7,154 for Australia!

Thank you for your generosity and coming together to support Australia!

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Get lucky with your Collections!

Been needing just one more item to finish that collection? Need some luck to start a new one? Then this is perfect for you, for a limited-time, it'll be easier to find collection items!

Between January 13-14, play your favorite rooms and you'll have a better chance of seeing collection items on your cards. Which collections will you hope to work on?

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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Together we stand with Australia

As you probably already know in the past few months various regions in Australia have been dealing with devastating and deadly forest fires. Over 100 active fires are destroying precious wildlife and putting in danger tens of thousands of residents and tourists, including taking the lives of over 20 individuals. The situation mandates a response from us all.

To show our support for Australia and our Australian GamePoint Community, we are setting up a special Australian care package promotion and donating a portion ($2) of the proceeds towards the Red Cross' efforts in Australia in this trying time! Purchase this special Coin deal and receive a new Australian-themed GamePoint Bingo dauber and badge to show your support. 

Join us as we stand together to support Australia! Our thoughts are with Australia and our Australian players.


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