Thirty-one - Game information

Objective of the game:
Thirty-one is a card game that uses the standard deck of 52 playing cards (excluding Jokers). The game objective is to get as close as possible to the number 31 (or get 31) with 3 cards.

Basic rules of the game:
1. When dealing every player gets 3 cards in hand and 3 cards are dealt to the table. Each turn a player can exchange one card that is in his hand with a card from the table.

2. The game of 31 only uses the piket cards (7 to Ace). The Ace is worth 11 points, face cards are worth 10 and the other cards count face value.

3.When a player has the same card in their hand 3 times, the player gets 30 1/2 point. For instance, 3x 7 or 3x King.

4. When a player has 3 Aces in hand then a player is 'on fire' and receives 32 points instead of 30 1/2.

5.When a player believes he has the highest amount of points they press 'close' aka 'knock'. This causes the game to end that round. If the player that knocks doesn't get the highest amount of points an extra penalty is given, making them lose one extra life.

6. The player with the lowest amount of points at the end of the round loses a life. When all lives of a player are lost, it is game-over for that player.

7.Depending on the selected gametype it is also possible that all players except the winner lose a life at the end of the round.

8.The gametype 'take the bus' uses all cards including 2 till 6 to combine a score of 31.