LIVE Real RoyalDice Battle

Get ready, because this Friday Aida and Wouter are playing a LIVE game of RoyalDice. The battle starts at 1PM EST (18:00 UK) right here and on Facebook.

The competition of the Summer Games may have ended, but nothing beats a little contest between two co-workers. For this game, we're playing a variant of the community-favorite 'twisted' mode, which means we're playing a single game but filling in our scores in order down the score sheet. This extra challenge means there's only 3 throws per number.

The winner gets to roll the dice to determine the amount of Coins that everyone can enjoy the day after.

So, who's going to win? Are you on Team Aida or Team Wouter and how big will the gift be? Find out Friday at 1PM EST (18:00 UK)!

Until then, play Royaldice

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VIP of the Week: edsbrat

And our new VIP of the Week is edsbrat! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (S)VIP and 500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Week!

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

Play Bingo!

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Today: Closing Ceremony Giveaway

Update: Winners are listed below!

Take a bow! You've broken GamePoint world records in collecting 3-hourly gifts, playing RoyalDice games and daubing Bingo cards! Everyone should be very proud of themselves for coming together to accomplish these huge challenges.

Today we're ending on a high note, our 'Closing Ceremony' includes a huge giveaway with prizes like Coins and Memberships. And of course, the grand prize is a Golden Getaway! 

So just be online in your favorite game starting at 3PM EST (20:00 UK) and you could be a lucky winner!

Play Bingo!

Here are our winners!

700 Coins: RichieA5, JacquiMarshall, bbwangelwichit1

3 months VIP: KarenWhiteCurv, TimCronin

7000 Slot Coins: KarenH229, CheriM22, LindaMcKay5

1200 Coins: breeze2, ConnieP213, JackieG133

3 months SuperVIP: DaveJ15, DebraK21

12000 Slot Coins: AnneSt2, baby1982, EwaN17

2500 Coins: JaninaS11, KevinG662, PatsyArnold1

6 months VIP: paigenash, DeniseE2

25000 Slot Coins: PamB14, DonnaRobertson5, GabrijellaFabjan

3000 Coins: JanetSharkey, Terressa, JanieTannreuth

Golden Getaway winner: GrietjeOldenbu

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24 hours of SuperBingo kicks off!

When you work together, magic happens! And because you collectively played over 16 million Bingo cards, your prize is 24 hours of SuperBingos. Starting today, Sunday August 21th at 3PM EST (20:00 UK), we'll be filling the pots and for 24 hours, you can play all the SuperBingos you want!

Just watch the chat in Bingo so you know exactly where to play for an overflowing pot of Coins. And congratulations again!

Play Bingo!

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Getting ready for the Closing Ceremony

It's been a wonderful GamePoint Summer Games and everyone has shown their best! We still have our final event ongoing, which is to mark as many Bingo cards as you can. You've marked already a staggering 7,703,825 Bingo Cards! There's still 24 hours to go to get 16 million!

But we're already getting ready for the GamePoint Summer Games Closing Ceremony, which comes with a huge giveaway! Starting at 3PM EST (20:00 UK) on Monday, August 22nd, just be online in your favorite game and you could win prizes like Coins, Slot Coins, Memberships and the grand prize, a Golden Getaway! 

Play Bingo for the Gold!

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Get your daubers ready!

You've been all performing in the GamePoint Summer Games exceptionally well! You've won two Gold Medals so far in the Gift Collecting Event and the RoyalDice Event. Now the third and final challenge is ready for you, a Bingo Event! All players on GamePoint need to play a collective total of 16,000,000 Bingo Cards within 48 hours. If this goal is met, then the Gold Medal prize includes a whooping 24-hours of SuperBingos!

Every card in every room counts the same! Invite your friends to play an extra round or claim just a few more cards than you usually do and work together for that goal.

On your mark, get set, DAUB!

Play Bingo!

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You pulled through for the Gold!

Great work everyone! As a team, you've all played over 300,000 RoyalDice games! As the gold medal winners, we've reduced the amount of points you need to win a Jackpot in RoyalDice. To win a Jackpot in Normal Mode, you'll need 550 points instead of 675. And in Triple Mode, you'll need 2200 points instead of 2600. This special treat lasts until Wednesday, August 17th.

Congratulations and start rolling for easier Jackpots in RoyalDice!

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VIP of the Week: bunchie

And our new VIP of the Week is bunchie! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (S)VIP and 500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Week!

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

Play Bingo!

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Though if you really want to indulge, become VIP or SuperVIP and you'll experience the additional 50% and 100% extra Coins on each deposit, on top of the Sale bonus!

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Get Rolling!

After the massive success of our gift collecting event, we think you're ready for a second challenge. We hope your dice are polished, because we want you to play as many games of RoyalDice as possible!

Starting from Saturday August 13th, 6AM EST (11:00 UK), you have 2 days to play a total of 300,000 RoyalDice games! All game modes count. Invite all your friends, pick your favorite play mode and roll those dice! As a reward, we'll lower the amount of points you need to win the Jackpot.

To help you out, you'll see some of us in RoyalDice on Sunday at 1PM EST (17:00 UK) in the room 'It's my Party' to play with you.

On your marks, ready? Play RoyalDice!

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