VIP of the Week: mikeb644

And our new VIP of the Week is mikeb644! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (S)VIP and 500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Week!

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

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Lucky Days

Your luck continues this weekend, thanks to 500 Coins! Just complete the limited-time Bingo Collections in the 25 Coin rooms to get them. And try out luck-themed Bingo Daubers while they're half-off. Everything for extra luck, like Lucky Seven, Horseshoe, Fortune Cat and Cherry daubers are waiting for you, so play Bingo now!

If you're after even more discounts, then check out the Lucky Cup in RoyalDice, jammed pack with the best charms. Start rolling your dice in this cup with a 50% discount to celebrate its launch. Play RoyalDice to try it out!

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Lucky Sale

Boost your luck today with +50% Coins! Take advantage of our limited-time Sale and make Friday the 13th a lucky day by receiving 50% Extra Coins on every deposit! These Extra Coins come in addition to the VIP and SuperVIP bonuses, so become SuperVIP now and double your luck!

Now's the time to also check out new limited-time Bingo Collections in the 25 Coin rooms! Win 500 Coins when you finish these collections in time. Play Bingo now and get started!

And to make the day even luckier in Bingo and RoyalDice, treat yourself to lucky Daubers and a new Cup thanks to huge discounts! Get the Lucky Seven, Horseshoe, Fortune cat and the Cherry daubers for half price and roll with the new RoyalDice Lucky Cup with a special 50% discount launch offer. Join RoyalDice now.

If you have any questions about an event or sale, we're happy to assist you via Servicepoint.

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Always a secure connection at GamePoint

At GamePoint, your security is one of our top priorities. You were already connected safely within all games and when making deposits, but now we've improved the security across the entire website.

You'll now see the url in your browsers starting with "https" and see it either in green text or with a little lock nearby. This tells you that you're now surfing and playing on a secured connection.

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VIP of the Week: debwina

And our new VIP of the Week is debwina! Congratulations! You win 1 extra week of (S)VIP and 500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Week!

Want to be the next VIP of the Week? Make sure you have a wonderful profile picture and keep your subscription up to date and you might see your picture here next.

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Your VIP of the Year from 2016 is...

Last week we asked you to vote for your VIP of the Year. Thank you all for casting your votes and making this possible! It's great to see a community that cares a lot about their friends and to see so many deserving nominees.

The new VIP of the Year with the most valid votes is ChristinaH22! Congratulations! You win 1 extra year of VIP and 2,500 Coins for being our new VIP of the Year.

And because we also saw a very close amount of wonderful comments about the runner-up, Dicer3, we'll also give a little prize as well, 2,000 Coins!

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Happy New Year!

Hurray, another fantastic year lies ahead of us! Your GamePoint Team wishes you a Happy New Year. Let the fireworks fly!

We want to thank you for an amazing year with lots of laughter, fun and excitement and wish you health, happiness and good luck in your favorite game.

 Cheers to another great year together! 

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Part 4 - The Best of GamePoint 2016

Welcome to the last best of GamePoint 2016. 
This time we are looking back to the best of the winter season. Enjoy!


Cheers everyone! GamePoint celebrated Oktoberfest in style, meaning lots of different events for two weeks! We had Bingo daubers, a RoyalDice cup, special smileys and Bingo Collections. But one of the main highlights was the unique Oktoberfest Happy Hours! Happy Hour meant: Buy all, get one free Bingo card, Extra SuperBingos, Filled RoyalDice Jackpots, and your 3-hourly Coin gift comes EVERY HOUR.

As well as Discounts on a different dauber, cup and dice every day, Perks in games like WordTornado, CardParty and Roy

alDice were discounted, Double Max Bet in Slots, FREE VIP just for collecting daily medals, and giveaways with REAL prizes.

How many Happy Hours did you attend during Oktoberfest at GamePoint? Let us know!

New Smiley Menu

In September, we made improvements to the smiley menu, including a new feature to pin your most used smileys! That means your favorite smileys is only one click away!

Which smileys do you keep pinned? Tell us in a comment!

Bingo Tournament

This year, we brought along the community to help us test a new concept: Bingo Tournament. In this new way to play the Bingo you know and love, you play one-on-one and climb up the ranks for Coins! As beta-testers, you gave us amazing feedback on our latest Android mobile app. We'll still making adjustments and improvements and hope to offer more news in 2017.

Have you tested Bingo Tournament for us? How did you like it?

Autumn Festival

Autumn means it's time to enjoy all the fruits of a bountiful harvest. So here at GamePoint, that means pots overflowing with Coins and lots of fun! You were treated to an Autumn makeover and filled SuperBingo pots and RoyalDice jackpots! You all had so much fun with the Bingo daubers and collections, we even extended their duration.

Winter Wonder Week

Last but not least, our annual Winter Wonder Week tradition grew bigger and better thanks to your support and enthusiasm!


This year we did our best to please everyone and broke records for giving out real prizes (over 2,500 of them!), had brand new events, got more teams involved in the fun and gave out more Coins than ever!

We'll keep on the tradition of making the unique events at Winter Wonder Week better every year with more Live Bingo, Massive Giveaway, and tons and tons of Free Coins!


We hope that you all enjoyed everything 2016 had to offer. We'll make sure that

 2017 is filled with more features and more events to make your experience even better. Share with us which was your favorite event of the year and what you look forward to next year!

We wish you and your loved ones, a happy end to 2016

The Gamepoint Team.

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Start 2017 with a BANG!

Let's start the new year with some fun! On Sunday January 1st we'll be having EXTRA SuperBingos. Starting at 1PM EST (18:00 UK), we'll be filling up the pots extra fast. Just keep an eye on the chat and you'll know exactly where the next SuperBingo will take place.

Will you be joining in? 

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Part 3 - The Best of GamePoint 2016

Welcome back to the best of GamePoint 2016.

This time we are looking back to the best of the summer season. Enjoy!

Soccer Fever at GamePoint

GamePoint was watching the European Soccer Championship and cheering for our favorite teams! Everyone cheered along in chat with flags of qualified teams and won Coins if their country won big matches. We also scored special tickets to finale in Paris to giveaway during a live show.

We also hosted the first ever, GamePoint Foosball Championship at our office and broadcasted it for you live! Everyone played honorably and for the opportunity to win Coins for their respective country. France took home the trophy on the foosball table, but unfortunately not on the field.

Enjoyed the sports takeover? Let us know!

Bingo Collections

In July, Bingo got even BETTER thanks to the launch of Bingo Collections! You can now find special collection items on your Bingo cards, daub them all and get pieces towards completing your collection. Once you've completed a collection, you can claim special rewards like Coins, Vouchers and Memberships! There's plenty of rewards thanks to more than 30 collections to start completing!

Have a favorite collection or want a new one added? Let us know!

Summer Games

The Rio de Janeiro games also brought us the first ever GamePoint Summer Games! Over the course of two weeks, you all came together to break records such as the most Coin gifts claimed, RoyalDice games played and Bingo cards claimed. Instead of gold medals for completing your events, you got 2-hourly Coin gifts, easier RoyalDice jackpots and Extra SuperBingos! And the opening ceremony was of course, a big giveaway to win lots of Coins, Slot Coins and Memberships!

Made good memories during the Summer Games? Share them with us!

What was your favorite event this summer? Come back tomorrow to read the last part of the year, autumn & winter!


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