50% Sale to celebrate the Bingo Millionaire Anniversary!

Today marks two years since we debuted the Bingo Millionaire. It's been two years of record-breaking pots filled with millions and millions of Coins. Today at 3PM ET is the latest chance to win the huge pot that's been growing all week long. Grab your cards to take part in this historic round and you could be a millionaire!

As part of the celebrations, we're also treating you to 50% EXTRA Coins on every deposit your make! That means that every deposit will automatically come with 50% MORE Coins. If you're a SuperVIP or VIP, you'll receive those 50% more Coins on top of your respective bonuses.

Celebrate Bingo Millionaire by claiming your cards!

And treat yourself to 50% MORE Coins!


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Get ALL the daubers for 50% off!

Remember how we mentioned that the two new daubers, the Top Hat and Gold Bars were 50% off? Well, we decided to extend the discount to MORE Bingo daubers!

For a very limited time, that dauber you were eyeing is 50% off. Treat yourself and let your personality shine on your Bingo cards. Don't delay, treat yourself to a cute new dauber now!

And don't forget, the long-awaited Bingo Millionaire round will kick off tomorrow, May 24th at 3PM ET. There's already 5,000,000 Coins in the pot and it can still go higher! So claim your Bingo Millionaire cards and you could become a millionaire!

Get a new dauber while they're 50% off!

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Celebrate Bingo Millionaire's Anniversary

Bingo Millionaire is turning 2 this year, and you're all invited to the big party! Here's what you can look forward to:

New Limited-time Collections
Feel like a millionaire with two special collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms. Collect them all to win additional Coin prizes.

New Permanent Daubers
Introducing three new daubers in honor of the Bingo Millionaire anniversary. Treat yourselves to the Top Hat and Gold Bar daubers with a 50% discount. Or help yourself to a delicious slice of birthday cake for FREE!

Bingo Millionaire
And of course, you can now claim your cards for the Bingo Millionaire round that takes place at 3PM ET on Wednesday, May 24th. We started the pot off with a MILLION Coins. Every time someone participates, the pot grows higher and higher!

  • Your cards are saved, even if you leave the room or go offline
  • All numbers will be automatically daubed, even if you're not there for the round

See you at the celebrations!

Be sure to claim your Bingo Millionaire card and maybe you can become a millionaire!

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Vote for your favorite!

To compliment the limited-time Dutch collection in Bingo, we also added some new limited-time daubers. But we've decided to let you keep your favorite! Vote for your favorite between: the Clogs, the Windmill or the Tulip daubers and the winner will be permanently available for FREE!

Let us know which should stay by commenting below! On Friday, we'll tally your votes and announce the dauber you decided should stay.

And don't forget, Friday's also the last day to claim that 1,200 Coin reward if you completed the limited-time Dutch Bingo Collection.

Play Bingo!

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Coin Sale: 50% Extra Coins!

Make the most of our limited time Coin Sale: Get 50% Extra Coins for every deposit you make!

Are you a VIP or SuperVIP? Then you’ll receive 50% Extra Coins on top of your VIP and SuperVIP advantages respectively.

Get that bonus!

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Limited-time only Collection

We heard you love collecting, so we added a new limited-time Collection to the 50 Coin Rooms. Collect all sorts of typically Dutch items and win 1.200 Coins as a reward!

Just a quick refresher on how it works:

  • Enter rooms of a specific Coin value (manual or automatic) to find specific collections
  • If you're lucky, you'll see pieces of collection items on your cards during a round
  • Completely daub the pieces on a single card to add that collection item to your inventory
  • Once you completed a Bingo Collection, claim your reward. Get Coins, VIP or SuperVIP memberships - just for daubing the right numbers!

Want to know how many items you still need and what else there is to explore?

Click the Inventory button on the start screen or in any room to find all the information you need: Collections you still need to complete, those waiting for you and much more! What kind of Collections would you love to see in the future?

Play Bingo & start collecting!

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Grab your chance to win an iPad tonight!

Tonight's great Easter giveaway is approaching fast! The best part of this year's Easter celebration at GamePoint could bring you fantastic prizes, like Coins, memberships and even an iPad for one lucky player. To participate, just be online at 6PM ET in your favorite GamePoint game and maybe you'll be one of the winners!

Also don't forget that time on our sale is running out! Deposit now and receive +50% Coins on all deposits. Don't miss out and see you tonight!

Play Bingo!

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The Easter Sale is here: 50% Extra Coins!

Here's something special for your baskets: 50% Extra Coins on every deposit during our Easter Sale! When you deposit, you'll be treated to 50% MORE Coins automatically!

Enjoy the special Easter treats, such as limited time Collections, Daubers and RoyalDice cup, with more Coins!

Get that bonus!

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Join Bingo Party and win Lifetime VIP!

Ever thought about becoming a VIP? Participate in today's special Bingo Party round and you could win VIP for life! That's right: bonuses on all deposits, Coin gifts, access to VIP smileys and VIP chat and more, FOREVER.

If you want to win, just participate in today's Bingo Party round and claim your cards before the round starts at 2PM ET. Your cards will be saved and automatically daubed when the round starts. Not only do you have the chance to win huge Coin prizes, but also lifetime VIP status only today!

Don't let this opportunity pass. Claim your cards NOW and join us when the round starts. See you there!

Join Bingo Party

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Easter Bunny is bringing easier RoyalDice jackpots!

As a special Easter treat, we're lowering the points needed to win a jackpot in RoyalDice only today and tomorrow. Now's the time to win a jackpot and see your name announced!

In Normal mode, you now need 550 points (previously 675) to win the jackpot
In Triple mode, you now need 2200 points (previously 2600) to win the jackpot

So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice and don't forget to try out the FREE Easter-themed cup and dice.

Play RoyalDice now!

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