Win a laptop!

Are you ready for your chance to win? Today, tomorrow and Thursday you can win a brand new Laptop!

Every Card counts when you play between 11AM-4PM ET in the special 750 Coin automatic rooms. That means that more Cards you play, the more chances you'll have to win! The winner will be announced in the chat at the end of every event around 4PM EDT.

To make sure everyone has a chance of winning, all players that log into Bingo will receive a FREE chance to participate in the 'Win Laptop' rooms as soon as they open and make sure they're in the running for the grand prize. The rooms will open just before 11AM ET and we'll make sure everyone can be accommodated. See you there!

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We're Giving Away Gift Cards!

On Monday, November 13th we want to help you prepare for the holiday season and especially the upcoming Black Friday. So we have a great selection of Gift Cards each worth $100 that you can win, as well as Coins, Memberships and Bingo Cards.

Here's what's in store:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card - Find the perfect present for anyone!
  • $100 GameStop Gift Card - Shop for your fellow gamers and electronics lovers!
  • $100 Old Navy Gift Card - Get decked out for all your holiday parties!
  • $100 Lowe's Gift Card - Prepare your home for all your visiting loved ones or get gifts for a tinkerer!
  • $100 Sephora Gift Card - Who in your life loves makeup? This will be a great gift!

Be sure save the date: Monday November 13th. All you have to do is be online in any room or any game starting at 6PM ET and for an hour, we'll be looking for winners. Which gift card do you want to win?

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Discount on Daubers & Cups

Have you been eyeing those special lucky Bingo Daubers to brighten up your Cards? Or that fancy looking Cup that goes perfectly with your new Dice? You're in luck because now's the time to get them!

The coming 24 hours select Bingo Daubers, RoyalDice Cups and Dice will be discounted by 50%. Personalize your experience and show off your new flair!

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A Halloween Treat for you!

No tricks, only treats for Halloween on GamePoint! And it starts with these free Coins to enjoy your favorite game.

Have you braved Bingo in the Dark yet? Or possessed the RoyalDice Cup with a spooky skeleton hand? Try it out on us! Happy Halloween on GamePoint!

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Treats during the Monstrous Giveaway on Halloween

Halloween at GamePoint is in full swing, and the best part comes on October 31st with a Monstrous Giveaway! Every day that you join, your chances to win are BOOSTED when you're online Tuesday at 4PM EDT.

Instead of candy on Halloween, you can win a $500 Amazon Gift Card! You might find it handy for the upcoming holiday months!

So dress up and join us (if you dare) for our Monstrous Giveaway!

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This is Halloween! (Halloween! Halloween!)

Welcome to Halloween at GamePoint, full of surprises and spooks! No need to dress up, we'll be providing lots of treats for you starting now and all the way to Halloween!

We have special limited-time Halloween treats for you:

  • Bingo: Haunted house sound effects and SPOOKY daubers for FREE
  • RoyalDice: Let a spooky skeleton hand throw your dice or try out our Mummy Cup
  • FREE Halloween emojis and decorations

But wait, there's more:

  • Come back every day to increase your chances to win during the Halloween GIVEAWAY on October 31st!
  • Bingo in the Dark: play in an extra challenging Bingo mode with the lights off and grab a new Bingo Collection!
  • Haunted Bingo: Bingo ghosts may pass by and make the balls keep rolling after the Bingo has fallen to find more winners!
  • Extra SuperBingos on Sunday the 29th: We'll be filling up the pots extra fast!
  • Easier RoyalDice Jackpots on Monday the 30th: The easiest way to grab a Jackpot in RoyalDice!

All the details are found on our event page here. Don't miss a single event and enjoy Halloween at GamePoint.

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Life as a Millionaire

Can you picture yourself as a Millionaire? Your time to be a GamePoint high roller has come! There's millions of Coins already in the Bingo Millionaire pot and it'll keep growing until the start of the round on Tuesday, October 24th at 3PM EDT(20:00 UK).

What are you waiting for? Claim your cards for the Bingo Millionaire round NOW!

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Extra SuperBingos this weekend!

Because we know you love SuperBingos, we're treating you to plenty of huge pots today and this weekend at 1-4PM & 7-10PM EDT. Join GamePoint Bingo at those times and we'll let you know in the chat where the next SuperBingos will be popping up as we fill the pots extra fast!

There's still time to claim your Bingo Millionaire cards.

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Bingo Millionaire is back!

Do you want to be the next Millionaire? Get ready for an exciting and extravagant round of the ecstatic GamePoint Bingo Millionaire! Save the date: Tuesday, October 24th at 3PM EDT (20:00 UK) and prepare to win MILLIONS of Coins!

The room is already open so claim your cards RIGHT NOW! Your cards will be automatically saved for you until the round starts.

Claim your Bingo Millionaire cards now!

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Play Bingo Party & Win!

Dreaming of being a millionaire? Tomorrow, we're going to kick off a player favorite, Bingo Millionaire! To help fulfill your dreams, we're throwing a special Bingo Party round today. Claim your cards before the round starts at 2PM EDT and have the chance to win a whole set of Bingo Millionaire cards! That's fifteen FREE Bingo Millionaire cards!

Just one more day until the Bingo Millionaire room is open! Start celebrating early by getting your Bingo Party cards now!

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