Get your own Pot of Gold!

The luck of the Irish means there's a Pot of Gold waiting to be found at the end of the rainbow. Play your favorite game and treat yourself with 50% Extra Coins on every deposit!

As a VIP or SuperVIP you get that 50% on top of your VIP advantages. Become a SuperVIP today!

Don't miss out!

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What would you do with a Million?

You still have until tomorrow 4PM EST to join the Bingo Millionaire round! There's over 4,500,000 Coins in the pot and it's still growing.

Becoming our newest GamePoint Millionaire is easy:

  • Play up to 15 Bingo cards to increase your chances
  • Daubing is automatic and cards are saved, even if you leave the room or go offline
  • Round starts Friday, March 17th at 4PM EST

Grab your Lucky Clover dauber and get your cards now!

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Become a Millionaire!

They say that at the end of the rainbow, there's a huge pot of gold. And this time, GamePoint decided to fill it with a MILLION Coins! Join the Bingo Millionaire round for a chance to become our newest GamePoint Millionaire! The pot starts at 1,000,000 Coins and the sky's the limit! Watch it grow and grow each day as the start of the round draws near.

Try your luck, because only today, Sunday March 12, the first card is on us! Click and get your Bingo Millionaire cards now!

  • Play up to 15 Bingo cards to increase your chances
  • Daubing is automatic and cards are saved, even if you leave the room or go offline
  • Round starts Friday, March 17th at 4PM EST

Join the Bingo Millionaire!

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The Golden Ball is back!

Maybe you were lucky enough to see it yesterday... Our famous Golden Ball is back!

During the Golden Days, the lucky Golden Ball might roll by your Bingo round to give all participants a FREE Bingo Card! Let us know if you're looking forward to see the Golden Ball get drawn in your room!

Take your lucky Dauber and start playing Bingo!

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The Golden Days are here!

Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner and GamePoint makes to make you lucky! Starting Monday, March 13th until March 17th, you don't need to find the end of a rainbow for a pot of gold. Thanks to our daily giveaways, you could win 100,000 Coins!

That's not all! We're starting the celebrations early in Bingo and RoyalDice:

  • Golden Ball in Bingo: If a lucky Golden Ball visits you during any Bingo round, then you're rewarded with a Free Card for the next round.
  • Try your luck at collecting new limited-time Bingo Collections in the 10, 100 and 1,000 Coin rooms
  • Play in style with select discounted Lucky Daubers
  • Roll your dice with our new Cup! Grab it with a special Golden Days discount!

Click here for a full overview of our Golden Days program!

Start collecting now! Play Bingo!

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Party with a Giveaway today!

Party with GamePoint! There's plenty of reasons to celebrate, like all the prizes you can win during today's giveaway at 6PM EST. There's Coins, Memberships and a special gift card for tickets to Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. Did you know this gift card is also valid at the hotel in Hershey Park too? Winning an amazing and unforgettable family experience is definitely a good reason to party! To have a chance to win, all you have to do is be online in your favorite GamePoint game start!

It's also the last day to treat yourself to extra Coins thanks to our 50% sale. Take advantage now!

Play Bingo now!


Update! The winners can be found below. Congratulations to them all!

500 Coins - MargaretDuncan, SharonS958, RebaS6\
3 months VIP - NayioL, LiseL446
1,000 Coins - BettieGray, PieretteC1, LynnCourchesne
1,500 Coins - wjv1957, BrittH6, lovelaughlife
2,000 Coins - SHERYLOZ, minaWynn
3 months SuperVIP - KatrinaC7, NancyA956
2,500 Coins - ChristyDoyle1, ElaineK141, ChristineH878
3,000 Coins - JamesH763, cw17, BeckiR9
6 months VIP - ReginaBlakeFra, ElizabethCyrus
4,000 Coins - saday, DudyMunichor, Greenbayfan
6 months VIP - KatieR679, SharonArsenaul
5,000 Coins - CindyT568, SamR49
Hersheypark Gift Card - TiffanyN15

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+50% Coins Extra & amazing prizes to WIN!

Today the party on GamePoint gets better with a +50% Coin Sale! For every deposit, you'll get 50% Extra Coins! Are you VIP or SuperVIP? Then you'll receive 50% Extra in addition to your usual subscription bonus.

There's still more to celebrate! Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28th at 6PM EST, we'll give away a lot of Coins, Memberships and a special gift card for tickets to Hersheypark! Will we see you online?

Get more Coins now!

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Last chance for FREE Bingo Party cards

Weekend may be ending, but the party isn't! It's your last chance to win 15 FREE Bingo Party cards just by participating in today's round.

And there's plenty more reasons to celebrate, like our giveaway on Tuesday, February 28th. Join us and you could win Coins, Super(VIP) memberships and even the grand prize, Hershey Park gift card.

Go grab your Bingo Party cards now and we'll see you at the Party!

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15 ways to win in Bingo Party

Want to be the winner at the party?

Just participate in today's, Saturday's and Sunday's Bingo Party rounds and you could win 15 free Bingo Party cards after the round finishes! That's a Bingo Party with all the cards in play for a huge pot for free!

Play Bingo Party

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Your VIP crown awaits!

It's been a great Chocolate Gala and we hope that you had your fill of delicious and romantic treats. If you've collected 3-hourly gifts in the last week, then when you join your favorite game today, you're being treated to 6 days of FREE VIP! Great job on filling up the meter!

Were you already a VIP or SuperVIP? Then the 6 days are automatically added to your subscription. Everyone can see details about their account by checking Servicepoint.

Today is also the last full day to get the special Bingo collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms. If you complete the Chocolates and Valentine collections, you'll get a reward of 1,500 and 10,000 Coins!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Play Bingo!

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