Win a whole year of Coins!

Imagine getting your gift every 3 hours for a whole year; that's a whole lot of Coins to enjoy! With 365 days in 2017 that makes for 87,600 Coins (yes, this is with the maximum gift streak). As VIPs and SuperVIPs get 50% and 100% more Coins with their gifts, they'll also get more Coins when you win this amazing prize.

What do you need to do?
Buy a card for today's Bingo Party round to automatically be enrolled for a chance to win! The round starts at 2PM EST.

Click and get your Cards!

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Become a winner!

Summer weekends are for extra fun, and on Sunday, July 16th, you have a chance to win Memberships and Coins just by being online! Come enjoy the chat and play some rounds of your favorite game starting 6PM EST and you could win. It's really that simple!

Make sure to join tonight's Extra SuperBingos between 2PM & 10PM EST for chances to win loads of Coins. We have something exciting every day of July, so check back daily!

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New Summer Daubers & RoyalDice Cup

Make it a special summer at GamePoint with new Bingo Daubers and a RoyalDice Cup today!

Come take a look in Bingo and feel that summer sun on your cards as you daub the season away. If you love traveling this summer, how about to romantic France with some French-styled daubers? Or if you rather stay close to the beach, we have you covered with a refreshing Watermelon dauber and a fashionable Flip-Flop dauber.

Need to cool off? RoyalDice has a delicious tropical Coconut Cup ready to quench your thirst. Come play now!

Summer's far from over. Check back daily to see what else is new!

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Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Have lots of (safe) fun today, especially if you're barbecuing or catching some fireworks tonight.

We've had a week of giveaways with lots of amazing summer prizes. Tonight's the last night, so as a special treat, we're DOUBLING the Coin & Membership prize amounts! If the original prize was 200 Coins, then we're making it 400! If the original was 1 month of VIP, then it'll turn into 2 months! So see you online today at 8PM ET for some special in-game fireworks!

And of course, it'll be the last day to use the special USA Bingo daubers and RoyalDice cup. Our Star Spangled dauber is available with a 50% discount for one more day. After tomorrow, it'll remain at full price.

Celebrate the 4th of July by clicking here for FREE COINS!

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Star Spangled Spin to Win, LIVE!

It's been a week filled with fireworks to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July. In spite of the daily giveaways we've had, we still want to find more winners!

Tomorrow, Monday July 3rd at 11AM ET, we're going to have a special LIVE show on our Facebook page at Just like our previous live giveaway video (click here), we'll be drawing names while we spin our special prize wheel for free Coins and Memberships. There's also a special slide on the wheel that will guarantee Coins for EVERYONE every time it lands!

Comment with your player name if you want us to draw your name! And see you during the show TOMORROW, July 3rd at 11AM ET!

See more Stars & Stripes surprises!

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Make it a red, white & blue Bingo Party!

Since the beginning of our Stars & Stripes week, we've been adding an extra TEN THOUSAND Coins into the Bingo Party pot every day!

Need a refresher on how Bingo Party works?

  • Bingo Party is a 15 Coin automatic room
  • There's a timer above your cards that shows when the next round will start. That's 2PM ET daily
  • When you buy cards in this room, they're saved! Even if you leave the room or go offline
  • During the round, your cards will be automatically daubed, even if you're not there

Come to the party, check out the red, white & blue decorations and you might catch some fireworks!

Get your Bingo Party cards now!

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Every day a different grand prize!

One of the biggest highlights of the first ever Star & Stripes Week on GamePoint is the daily giveaway. Every day at 8PM ET, we're giving away Coins, VIP, SuperVIP and a different grand prize! Here's what's you can win:

  • Double hammock
  • 22-in charcoal barbecue Weber grill
  • Cuisinart ice cream maker
  • 4-person camping tent
  • Above ground swimming pool
  • 50,000 Coins
  • Lifetime VIP

All you have to do is be online in your favorite game starting at 8PM ET and you can see your name light up in fireworks!

Check out all the fun during our Stars & Stripes Week by clicking here

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It's a Stars & Stripes Week!

We're having the first ever week dedicated to our American community to celebrate the 4th of July. Welcome to the Stars & Stripes Week!

Every single day, you can enjoy a variety of events and treats:

For Bingo players:
New Daubers: Daub your cards with three patriotic daubers. Two are FREE and and limited-time. The Star Spangled dauber however is PERMANENT and is 50% OFF. Get it now!

More Bingo Winners: Only had 1 or 2 to go before winning a Bingo? Now you might see the balls keep on rolling to find MORE Bingo winners! This is exclusively available for English language rooms for 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Coin rooms and the International 100, 250, 1,000 and 2,500 Coin rooms. Go catch those fireworks!

Bigger Bingo Party: Your Bingo Party room will be exclusively decorated for Independence Day, but also for the 10,000 Coins we're adding to the pot every day for a week! Go get your Bingo Party cards now!

For RoyalDice players:
New Cup: Play with a limited time Uncle Sam hat. We want you to roll those dice!

Easier and Filled Jackpots: Exclusive for English-language rooms, we're lowering the amount of points needed to win the jackpot. And no worries if someone else recently won, because we're also topping off the pots with Coins!

And for everyone!
Daily Giveaways: Every day at 8PM ET, come online no matter the game or room and you can see fireworks! You can win Coins, Memberships and a different real prize each day like a barbecue grill, a swimming pool, an ice cream maker and more! What do you want to win?

Let's kick off the first ever Stars & Stripes week with FREE COINS!

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Giveaway today!

You did it! By playing an amazing amount of games, you unlocked plenty of prizes for today's giveaway. Want to make sure you're participating in the giveaway? Then come online in your favorite game at 3PM ET and you could win one of those amazing prizes!

But wait, there's more! You've all collectively played enough games to unlock the 2-hourly gift for the next 24 hours!

UPDATE: Here are the prizes and winners from the 30 thousand players. 

  • 10 x 3 months of VIP: lief911, AnitaGendron, ShirleyS495
  • 8 x 1 year of VIP: MelanieSchell1, DanielleB1, geertsam2206, DorisB957, lilito2, Sylvi210, Suus3, ClaudineV49
  • 4 x 50,000 Coins: AndreasPeren, VanessaRosel, kitty1950, MariaHelenaMa10
  • 5 x Lifetime SuperVIP: LAPP1, MargheritaRaso, NickyU8, AntoniettadeVi1, MariaJoseCunha
  • 2 x iPhones: ria580, cocalite
  • 3 x Tablets: francesbishop8, ChrisEnk, DJCalimero
  • 8 x 250,000 Coins: ChalBirrell, JuanaP15, lameilleure4, dinie_1959, faraona52, JaneLaning, PetraPuttins1, LiliBourlois
  • Enjoy your 2-hourly gift and we hope to see you during the giveaway!

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Daily Happy Hours

Have you taken advantage of the daily Happy Hours during the GamePoint Marathon? Make the most of it every day during this event between 1-4PM ET & 7-10PM ET.

Exclusively during Happy Hours:

  • Chance to see the Golden Ball in all regular Bingo rooms and win free Cards!
  • Extra SuperBingos as we fill the pots extra fast
  • Filled RoyalDice Jackpots so you never win less than 500 Coins when you score high enough!

Don't forget, each and every Bingo Card and round in your favorite game still counts towards unlocking amazing prizes for the GamePoint Marathon giveaway. Click here and see how far you've already made it!

Play now!

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