LAST Sale of the Year! Double Coins!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! To make it even more wonderful for you, we now give you 100% Extra Coins on every deposit! Treat yourself with the last Sale of the year!

Our VIP and SuperVIP users even get 100% Extra Coins on top of their usual bonus. Become SuperVIP!

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Christmas on GamePoint

An early Christmas present for you! Celebrate the Holiday season with our limited-time 50% Coin Sale. Spoil yourself, you deserve it.
Our VIP and SuperVIP users even get 50% Extra Coins on top of their usual bonus. Become a SuperVIP for the most Coins!

Get your early Christmas Bonus!

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Bingo Millionaire meets the Christmas Sale

Today at 3PM EST (20:00 UK), the balls will start rolling for the Bingo Millionaire round! Claim your Cards now for your chance to become a Bingo Millionaire!

Can't wait 'til the round to bathe yourself in Coins? Take advantage of our Christmas Sale and get 50% Extra Coins with every deposit!

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Time for a Massive Giveaway

"Congratulations, you won!" That's what you could see in the chat tonight, Sunday, Dec. 18th starting at 6PM EST (23:00 UK). For 3 whole hours, GamePoint is making everybody win, by giving away multiple prizes every 5 minutes! What prize would you like to win?

  • Popcorn machine
  • LED TV
  • Chocolate fondue kit
  • Hot Cocoa Maker
  • Laptop

    Just be online for a chance to win the amazing prizes waiting for you!

Join NOW

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Are you the next Millionaire

We're giving away ONE MILLION Coins during Bingo Millionaire! Join the round for a chance to become our newest GamePoint Millionaire. The pot's starting at 1,000,000 Coins and it'll keep growing and growing.

  • Buy up to 15 Bingo cards to increase your chances
  • Daubing is automatic and cards are saved, even if you leave the room or go offline
  • Round starts Wednesday, December 21st at 3PM EST (20:00 UK)

Get your cards NOW 

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Everybody wins 225 Coins

Congratulations! Everybody who claimed their Live Bingo card and participated in the round wins 225 Coins! Simply join your favorite GamePoint game now to receive your gift.

Winter Wonder Week is far from over with more prizes waiting for you during the daily giveaways and the MASSIVE giveaway this Sunday!

Check out the program & play Bingo!

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Lights, win a smart camera, action!

Get ready for the Live Bingo experience! Simply claim your free Live Bingo card now and log in during our broadcast TODAY, Thursday, Dec. 15th at 7PM EST for your chance to win a smart camera.

Did all your friends claim their free card too? The more Live Bingo Cards are claimed, the higher your Golden Ball gift and the more free Coins Everybody Wins! 

1. Claim your card now by clicking here 
2. Join your favorite GamePoint game on Thursday, Dec. 15th at 7PM EST 
3. Live video will start automatically 
4. Watch the balls drawn live by your GamePoint team
5. Your numbers will automatically be daubed
6. Win Free Coins for every drawn Golden Ball!
7. Win extra Coins and Memberships with lines, diagonals, pattern and Bingo!

Get your FREE Live Bingo Card 

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Are you ready?

Starting December 12th to the 18th, Winter Wonder Week will be entire days of holiday cheer and 2-hourly gifts! It's also packed with exciting events that you don't want to miss! Here's some of the best to look forward to:

Monday, Dec. 12th:
3PM EST (20:00 UK) - Meet the Game Development team in RoyalDice
4PM EST (21:00 UK) - Extra SuperBingos and filled RoyalDice Jackpots
6PM EST (23:00 UK) - Daily giveaways in all games

Tuesday, Dec. 13th:
12PM EST (17:00 UK) - Meet the Game Development team in Bingo
3PM EST (20:00 UK) - Meet the Design team on Facebook
4PM EST (21:00 UK) - Extra SuperBingos and filled RoyalDice Jackpots
6PM EST (23:00 UK) - Daily giveaway in all games

Wednesday, Dec. 14th: 
3PM EST (20:00 UK) - Meet the Website team in chat
4PM EST (21:00 UK) - Extra SuperBingos and filled RoyalDice Jackpots
6PM EST (23:00 UK) - Daily giveaway in all games

Which one are you most looking forward?

Join Bingo

Don't want to miss a single Winter Wonder Week thing? Then join our Facebook event by clicking here  and invite your friends to the best holiday party!

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Meet the teams behind the magic!

Winter Wonder Week does more than bring you lots of fun, excitement and prizes. It also brings you the opportunity to get to know the people behind the scenes.

Our talented artists from our Design Team will be drawing concepts for smileys, RoyalDice cups or Bingo Daubers LIVE! Check out our Facebook GamePoint page on Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 3PM EST (20:00 UK) to see some amazing art. Want them to draw your perfect Bingo Dauber? Let them know!

Be online in Bingo on Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 12PM (17:00 UK), meet the dedicated developers on the Game Development team who build your favorite games, check out what they've got and chat with them.

On Monday, Dec. 12th at 3PM EST (20:00 UK), they'll challenge you to play GamePoint's largest ever RoyalDice Partymode round them. Have questions or suggestions? Send it their way!

Our hard-working Website team that takes care of the whole site will be receiving your questions on Wednesday, Dec. 14th at 3PM EST (20:00 UK) in the main chat. If you're lucky, they can also have some fun with the website to show you what they can do!

Curious? Come online and be amazed!

And want to keep updated on everything Winter Wonder Week? Then join our Facebook event by clicking here

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Everybody Wins!

The program has just been revealed and with tons of Free Coins and Memberships, daily giveaways and a massive festival of prizes. Everybody wins during Winter Wonder Week!

Everything you love on GamePoint will happen during this unforgettable event, including giveaways, free Coins every 2 hours, Live Bingo, RoyalDice extra jackpots, extra SuperBingos, free Bingo daubers, RoyalDice cups, smileys and much more.

Check out the full program!

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