Win a laptop!


Are you ready for your chance to win? Today, tomorrow and Friday you can win a brand new Laptop!

Every Card counts when you play between 2-4PM EDT in the special 750 Coin automatic room. That means that more Cards you play, the more chances you'll have to win! The winner will be announced in the chat at the end of every event around 4PM EDT.

The room opens just before 2PM EDT and has enough space for everyone. See you there!

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Win during the Mega SuperBingos

Today Monday, September 18th and tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19th, we're having an even better kind of SuperBingos for you. Catch our Mega SuperBingos in rooms valued at 250 Coins and higher.

When you play in one of these Mega SuperBingos, you'll be automatically entered into a giveaway to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! We'll give away Coins, Bingo Cards or Memberships during every Mega SuperBingo, so make sure you'll join in! The winner of the Gift Card will be announced around 4PM EDT.

Mega SuperBingos start at 1PM EDT and the festivities will last until 4PM EDT. Keep an eye on the chat announcements and don't miss a single one.

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Win 100,000 Coins!

Tonight we're giving away 100,000 Coins and all you need to do is join any SuperBingo between 1-4PM ET for a chance to win! To make it extra fun we will also be running Extra SuperBingos!

That means we will be filling the pots extra fast. Every Extra SuperBingo will be announced in the chat, so make sure to keep an eye out.

The winner of the 100,000 Coins will be announced in the chat around 4PM ET. Don't miss it, 'cause it could be you!

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You determine the prize!

In the coming week we'll be giving away some big prizes! However, we haven't quite decided the final prize yet. That's where you come in.

Let us know in a comment what you think the best prize to win should be! You get to choose from the following prizes:

  • iPhone 7
  • iPad Pro
  • Laptop

The prize with the most votes will be the one we're giving away each day on September 20th, 21st and 22nd. Don't forget to check back to see which prize won!

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Happy Labor Day! Time for prizes!

Had a weekend filled with barbecues, beach, shopping and fun? The fun won't stop on GamePoint, especially with this special giveaway today! Be in any game or any room today starting at 6PM EDT and you could win prizes like:

  • Coins
  • VIP or SuperVIP memberships
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Weber 22-inch charcoal barbecue grill
  • iPad

And in honor of Labor Day, click  here  for an extra Coin gift! See you tonight!

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Long Labor Day Weekend!

One of the things we're celebrating this weekend is unofficial end of summer. But of course the celebrations at GamePoint never end. So we have a special treat for everyone: a giveaway with some hot prizes!

Play all weekend and on Labor Day, Monday September 4th at 6PM EDT, just be online and you could win one of the following:

  • Coins
  • VIP or SuperVIP Memberships
  • $100 Amazon Giftcard
  • Weber 22-inch charcoal barbecue grill
  • iPad

Is there a prize you'd really like to win? Then be sure to be online (any game, any room!) on Monday, September 4th starting at 6PM EDT and you could be a winner! See you there and have a great (and safe) long weekend!

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24-hour Giveaway today!

Starting today, Sunday July 30th at 3PM ET, we're giving away prizes every hour for a whopping 24 hours! The grand finale? For last hour, tomorrow Monday 31st at 2PM ET, the real prizes will come every 5 minutes.

Every hour brings you a chance for all sorts of prizes. The final hour, we're giving away amazing getaways every 5 minutes!

The party's starting early with Golden Balls in Bingo, Extra SuperBingos and easier & filled RoyalDice Jackpots!

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Daubers & Cups: Get them all!

Have you been eyeing that special Summer Dauber or Cup? This is your chance to get it with a discount!

Today only, all Bingo Daubers, RoyalDice Cups and Dice are 50% off. Which will be your new favorite? Let us know!

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Win a whole year of Coins!

Imagine getting your gift every 3 hours for a whole year; that's a whole lot of Coins to enjoy! With 365 days in 2017 that makes for 87,600 Coins (yes, this is with the maximum gift streak). As VIPs and SuperVIPs get 50% and 100% more Coins with their gifts, they'll also get more Coins when you win this amazing prize.

What do you need to do?
Buy a card for today's Bingo Party round to automatically be enrolled for a chance to win! The round starts at 2PM EST.

Click and get your Cards!

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Become a winner!

Summer weekends are for extra fun, and on Sunday, July 16th, you have a chance to win Memberships and Coins just by being online! Come enjoy the chat and play some rounds of your favorite game starting 6PM EST and you could win. It's really that simple!

Make sure to join tonight's Extra SuperBingos between 2PM & 10PM EST for chances to win loads of Coins. We have something exciting every day of July, so check back daily!

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