15 ways to win in Bingo Party

Want to be the winner at the party?

Just participate in today's, Saturday's and Sunday's Bingo Party rounds and you could win 15 free Bingo Party cards after the round finishes! That's a Bingo Party with all the cards in play for a huge pot for free!

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Your VIP crown awaits!

It's been a great Chocolate Gala and we hope that you had your fill of delicious and romantic treats. If you've collected 3-hourly gifts in the last week, then when you join your favorite game today, you're being treated to 6 days of FREE VIP! Great job on filling up the meter!

Were you already a VIP or SuperVIP? Then the 6 days are automatically added to your subscription. Everyone can see details about their account by checking Servicepoint.

Today is also the last full day to get the special Bingo collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms. If you complete the Chocolates and Valentine collections, you'll get a reward of 1,500 and 10,000 Coins!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Sweet Giveaway Today!

Tonight is your chance to win Coins, Memberships and the Ultimate Chocolate Basket filled with Godiva treats! Just be online in your favorite game and starting at 6PM EST and you automatically have a chance to win. Which prize do you want to win?

And today is the last full day to keep on collecting your 3-hourly Coin gifts. So far, everyone who helped out has earned at least 6 days of VIP for FREE! Think we can get 7 days by tomorrow? Find out when your VIP prize is delivered tomorrow on Valentine's Day! If you're already a VIP or SuperVIP, then the extra days will be added to your existing memberships.

Keep on collecting your 3-hourly gifts and play!

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Discounts on Daubers, Cups, Dice!

Had your eye on a Bingo Dauber or maybe a RoyalDice Cup or Dice for a while? TODAY is your chance to treat yourself thanks to 50% off in-game items! Find a new favorite dauber for your Bingo cards or change up your luck with a new RoyalDice cup.

The discounts on Bingo Heart Dauber and the RoyalDice Rose Cup and Pink Dice will continue, but the savings on all other daubers, cups and dice last only today!

And don't forget, tomorrow is our big giveaway! At 6PM EST, come online in your favorite game and you can win prizes like Coins and Memberships. The grand prize is perfect for Valentine's Day, the Ultimate Chocolate Basket, piled high with Godiva treats! Will you share it with someone special if you win it?

Enjoy 50% off Bingo daubers and RoyalDice Cups & Dice!

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50% Extra Coins for a limited-time

Celebrate love today with 50% Extra Coins!  Take advantage of our limited-time Sale and receive 50% Extra Coins on every deposit! These Extra Coins come in addition to the VIP and SuperVIP bonuses, so become SuperVIP now and double your Coins!

Been working to get the limited-time Collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms? Play Bingo now to complete them to get additional Coin prizes!

And thanks to week-long discounts, treat yourself to the Heart dauber in Bingo and the Pink Dice and Rose Cup in RoyalDice!

Get 50% Extra Coins now

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Delicious collections and romantic cups!

The Chocolate Gala  is all about romantic gifts! See how we're showing our love for players by checking out all the events, including the Happy Hours and Giveaway by clicking here.

We have 2 limited-time Bingo Collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms. If you complete the Chocolates Collection, then a reward of 1,500 Coins is yours. Complete the Valentine Collection and you'll win 10,000 Coins too. RoyalDice also has a romantic cup for you, available for a limited-time! 

Need more romance? Then treat yourself to the Heart Dauber, the Pink Dice and Rose Cup thanks to a big discount during the event. Don't miss out!

And keep on collecting as many 3-hourly gifts as possible. You've already earned 3 day(s) of FREE VIP that you'll receive on Valentine's Day. Keep going to increase your prize!

Play now with your EXTRA gift now!

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Sweet & Romantic Giveaway Prizes!

We're having a giveaway on Monday, February 13th at 6PM EST where you can win prizes like Coins and Memberships just for being online in your favorite game! But the grand prize will be the Ultimate Chocolate Basket, filled with Godiva sweets, right on time for the most romantic day of the year! What would you do with basket of nearly 100 pieces of Godiva chocolate and who would you share it with? 

Be sure to keep on collecting as many 3-hourly gifts as possible during the Chocolate Gala. The in-game meter will continue to fill up and on Valentine's Day, you can win up to a WEEK of FREE VIP! 

Check out all the events like Happy Hours and goodies by clicking here 

Play Bingo and collect your EXTRA Coin gift!

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Welcome to the Chocolate Gala!

We're treating you to a sweet event for Valentine's! During our Chocolate Gala, you'll have plenty of sweet treats like Coins, events in your favorite games and discounts on the Heart dauber, Pink Dice and Rose Cup. On Feb. 13th, you'll even have a chance to win the Ultimate Chocolate Basket during a spectacular giveaway. Check out the limited-time collections in 50 and 500 Coin rooms in Bingo and a free RoyalDice Cup!

At the end of our Chocolate Gala on February 14th, you'll be crowned with FREE VIP! See the meter at the top of the page? It fills up when you all collect your 3-hourly gifts, meaning the more FREE Coins you collect, the more FREE days of VIP you'll win on Valentine's Day!

Here's some tips for getting the most amount of 3-hourly gifts:

  • Invite your friends to play so more people are collecting 3-hourly gifts
  • Collect your 3-hourly Slot Coin gift so the meter fills up faster
  • Download our apps for your iOS or Android mobile devices and collect 3-hourly gifts while you're away from home.

Check out all the events in store for you by clicking here, including daily Happy Hours for Extra SuperBingos, refilled RoyalDice Jackpots and Double Max Bet in Slots.

Last but not least, have an EXTRA free sweet Coin gift everyday when you first log in.

Start collecting your 3-hourly Coin gifts now for FREE VIP!

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Last Chance for Fireworks Festival Collections!

Having fun collecting the Fireworks and Chinese Dragon collections in the 25 and 250 Coin rooms in Bingo? If you're close, then Tuesday, January 31, is your last day to finish your event collections. Complete them for rewards of 1,000 and 5,000 Coins!

Finish your event collections and get your prizes!

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Today: Giveaway Bursting with Prizes!

Today, January 30th, we're sending up the biggest and best fireworks! We're giving away tons of Coins, Memberships and for one lucky winner, a $100 Gift Card. 

All you have to do is be online starting at 1PM EST (18:00 UK) in your favorite game. Remember all the medals you've been collecting just by playing every day? Each one you have increases your winning chance. So you could be seeing fireworks on your screen saying that you're a winner!

See you online at 1PM EST (18:00 UK) And in the meantime, you can still enjoy all the Fireworks Festival treats. Check them out by clicking here.

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