NEW: Bingo Daubers Available on Mobile!

Hooray! GamePoint is happy to announce that everyone can now play with customized Bingo daubers when playing from mobile devices!

There's a fresh new button to see all the daubers you can use or get. Whenever there's discounts on daubers or limited-time event daubers, you'll see them on your mobile devices as well.

How to get daubers on your mobile devices?

For Android devices: Update your app from the PlayStore by clicking here
For iPhone or iPad: Update your app from iTunes by click here 



Be sure to always keep your GamePoint apps updated so you'll see the latest versions. And of course, the team is working hard to bring more features and improvements to the Bingo app.

Let us know what you think of this update!

Update your Android and iOS Bingo apps to play Bingo now!

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Something special coming to Bingo on mobile

One of the best things about your favorite Bingo is that you can take it on the go and play from anywhere. You've all told us that you wanted to see more of the features you get when you play from a computer on your mobile devices, whether it's from iOS or Android.

Can you guess what's coming? It's something you can personalize, something that you can switch up, maybe brings you luck, and comes with plenty of freebies.

Let us know in a comment!

Play Bingo!

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A RoyalDice Koala for you!

Last year during Winter Wonder Week, our talented Design Team brought to life some of your great ideas for cups, daubers and smileys. We're happy to announce that we're bringing you a brand new cup for RoyalDice: the Koala cup!

Roll your dice with this soft and adorable koala all the way from Australia.

Play RoyalDice!

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Try a new way to play Bingo!

Bingo fans, we're looking for your feedback and thoughts on a brand new concept that we hope you'll enjoy: Bingo Tournament! Play 1 vs 1 in a real-time round based on traditional bingo.

This completely new experience includes a fast-paced game where you'll need all your skills, concentration and luck to win and reach the top of the Bingo Tournament scene.

Bingo Tournament is currently available and optimized for Android smartphones, ready for you to play. Just click here to sign up with your Google Account that's connected to your phone!

With your help and feedback, we'll be working together to make sure it's tons of fun. We hope to see you there!

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Time to party on RoyalDice mobile app!

The party's back on! The Partymode you know and love is now available on your smartphones when you play through our new and optimized RoyalDice app! Just tap on 'Partymode' and begin rolling alongside people from all around the world while you're on the go.

We're still making improvements and adjustments to our app, so keep that feedback coming!

Be sure to download RoyalDice for Android and RoyalDice for iOS and roll on the go!

Play RoyalDice!

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Fresh improvements have arrived!

The GamePoint team has been working on improvements and fixes to make your game experience even better. Here's some of what's in store for you:

Bingo Collections

  • More control of when you claim your rewards like Coins and Free Bingo cards. For example, want to save your rewards for a weekend or event? You can!
  • Inventories are fixed so that they're always updated with the correct amount of items collected.
  • Sometimes we have special Collections just for events. Now they'll be listed separately so you can find them faster.

New Smiley Menu in Bingo, RoyalDice, CardParty. WordTornado, Slots

  • You may have tested the new smiley menu a while ago. Now everyone can experience a smoother and neater way to use smileys in chat. Customize your favorites to be just a click away!

Level Up in Bingo, RoyalDice, CardParty. WordTornado, Slots

  • Leveled up? We've increased the celebration with a new notification! In a later version we will also be adding rewards to your level ups!

Mini Slots in Bingo

  • Spin to win even more Coins while waiting between rounds by clicking on the grey bar and on the SuperBingo waiting screen!


  • Cleaned up the option menu when clicking your avatar
  • Chat Announcements are now properly aligned.

We always appreciate your feedback as it helps us make your time at GamePoint the best that it can be. Tried out the new features? Let us know below what you think!

Play Bingo!

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Your NEW daubers are ready!

It's time to celebrate, because your NEW daubers are ready! We have eight new daubers to pick from, including the LP dauber that you voted for! You wanted it for free, you got it for free! There's plenty of other new daubers, such as the Kaboom, Pawprint and Whale. Maybe you'll have a new favorite!

Try them out and let us know how you like it!

Play Bingo with your new daubers!

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RoyalDice on Smartphones: Looking even better!

We're so glad that you're enjoying RoyalDice on your tablets, but when you told us you wanted an equally amazing experience on your smartphones, we made it happen! So we're proud to announce a big update for our RoyalDice app!

You can download it right away for Android and enjoy:
-A clear home screen to make or join your ideal game
-Custom cups and dice 
-A bigger and clear playing field
-Improved chat so you're always with your friends
-More celebrations when you roll a RoyalDice

There will be plenty of more updates and improvements incoming as we continue to gather your feedback over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Happy rolling!

Play RoyalDice on your smartphone!

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We need YOU for RoyalDice!

RoyalDice fans, we need you to be part of our latest update to our app for RoyalDice on smartphones! We heard your feedback about your experiences playing on smartphones, so we'd like you to help us test out our newest version.

If you have an Android smartphone, then click here to sign up immediately with your Google account that's connected to your phone. If you have an iPhone, then click here so you also can receive an invitation to try it out.

With your help and feedback, we'll be working together to make it perfect before it's launched to everyone. We hope to see you there!

Start playing in our open beta now!

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Start Collecting in 1 Coin Rooms and more!

We've all been so excited about Bingo Collections, especially how there are so many to choose from. But GamePoint wants to give you even more!

We're adding new collections to the 1 Coin rooms and a special collection in the Bingo Party room! Introducing Handbags, Cats, Beakers, Rockets in the 1 Coin rooms and just in the Bingo Party room, Balloons have been added (because it's a party in there!).

To see all the collections, just click on 'Inventory' at the top left of the Bingo screen and check out everything you've collected, need to find and their rewards! Remember, Bingo Collections are a special feature that lets you win MORE just for playing Bingo as you normally do!

Go collect them all! 

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