It's time for an adventure!

Today we added a new permanent Collection for you. Go on an adventure in the 2,500 Coin Bingo room and while you're playing, you might encounter some items! Completing this collection means you'll be rewarded with 25.000 Coins.

Can you guess which movie inspired the Collection? Let us know for a chance to win 10,000 Coins! We'll select 3 winners tomorrow.

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RoyalDice Tournaments now available in beta!

We've invited curious players try out our new RoyalDice Tournament Mode in exclusive rooms with great success. Now it's available in every room as part of a beta test. Try it out and set a High Score for everyone to beat!

As long as a tournament is open, play and aim for a high score as often as you'd like. Every tournament has its own time duration and amount of winners. You don't need to stay online for the whole Tournament. You can join, continue and try again whenever you feel like it.

Think your High Score will stay on top when the time runs out to win the pot? Try it now with this free Coin gift!

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Viva Las Vegas!

We decided to give the roomlist a dazzling makeover in Double Bingo. You'll now find all your favorite values represented by places on the Las Vegas Strip. You can also easily switch between manual and automatic daubing by clicking at the top of the game.

Join us on the GamePoint Bingo version of the Las Vegas Strip and let us know what you think by pressing on the 'Feedback'-button in the top left corner of the screen.

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All your Bingo Cards in one place!

Got some free Bingo Cards as a reward from completing a Collection but not sure where to find them or how many you have left? Here's a solution: the new Bingo Card Inventory exclusively in Bingo.

Whenever you're in Bingo, open the inventory by clicking on Bingo card icon that's within the grey bar above the game. You'll see how many bingo Cards you have and for what value. To play them, simply click on "Play" to go directly into the room.

And there's more! Maybe you saw the 'Coming Soon' tab when you deposit, and now we can finally share what's coming: the best ever deals on Bingo Cards! Make sure to come back and take a look here so you don't miss it!

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Excitement all July long!

We started off summer with lots of fireworks, but the fun's not over yet! For the whole month of July, we're treating you to something new and exciting every day during the GamePoint Sizzling Summer Days!

Have you see the two new Summer Bingo Collections in the 250 and 50 Coin rooms? If you haven't started collecting yet, this is your chance: They will be there to collect all July long!

It's promising to be an exciting Summer. Make sure to check back daily during the Sizzling Summer Days to see what's new and don't miss a thing!

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Keep on playing by activating Flash

GamePoint's always looking for the best user experience. Lately some of our players received a notification that they need to either activate or install their Flash Player. But true GamePoint fans like most of you have already done this!

We've updated our website to help you allow the Flash Plugin for GamePoint if you're using Google Chrome.

There's only two steps needed to get back to your favorite game.

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New feature in Double Bingo!

Thank you for playing Double Bingo and giving us feedback about this brand new way to play your favorite game!

We heard you loud and clear, so now when you're close to winning a pattern or the full Bingo, your card will light up in green just like you're used to. Now you'll never miss one of your winnings again!

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Double your fun with Double Bingo!

Thanks to the success of Triple Bingo, GamePoint decided to make a special Double Bingo version for you! Double the balls and double the amount of prizes, meaning double the opportunity to win.

How does it work?

In the Bingo room list, you'll see some special new automatic and manual rooms labeled 'Double Bingo'. Here's what to expect when you play:

  • Two sets of balls and cards: Daub your numbers corresponding to the correct ball set. You're essentially playing two separate Bingo rounds at once!
  • Double the amount of prizes: Since there's two games, there's two separate prizes for two horizontal lines, two verticals, etc. There's twice as much opportunity to win!
  • Play and collect: Daub your numbers, find collection items and get rewarded with FREE Coins
  • You can play Double Bingo in the 8, 20, 80 & 160 Coin rooms with either automatic or manual marking

Try out Double Bingo and let us know what you think in a comment below!

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Get on the map with GP-GPS!

You're here because you love games like Bingo and you love being surrounded by your friends. Our brand new app, GamePoint GPS (or GP-GPS) aims to deliver exactly that!

You can download this new app for FREE and it's designed to do the following:

  • Opens a map to show you where the nearest GamePoint players are located
  • Automatically notifies your nearby friends when you win so they can find you and congratulate you in person
  • Chat and meet up with new friends
  • Offers you walking and driving instructions on how to get to them (public transport information coming in a future update)

Get it on your iPhone and Android phones for FREE! Just send us an email to [email protected] and you will get a download link for GamePoint GPS & find your in-game friends in real life!

Find your friends on GP-GPS now!

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NEW: Bingo Daubers Available on Mobile!

Hooray! GamePoint is happy to announce that everyone can now play with customized Bingo daubers when playing from mobile devices!

There's a fresh new button to see all the daubers you can use or get. Whenever there's discounts on daubers or limited-time event daubers, you'll see them on your mobile devices as well.

How to get daubers on your mobile devices?

For Android devices: Update your app from the PlayStore by clicking here
For iPhone or iPad: Update your app from iTunes by click here 



Be sure to always keep your GamePoint apps updated so you'll see the latest versions. And of course, the team is working hard to bring more features and improvements to the Bingo app.

Let us know what you think of this update!

Update your Android and iOS Bingo apps to play Bingo now!

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