Start Collecting in 1 Coin Rooms and more!

We've all been so excited about Bingo Collections, especially how there are so many to choose from. But GamePoint wants to give you even more!

We're adding new collections to the 1 Coin rooms and a special collection in the Bingo Party room! Introducing Handbags, Cats, Beakers, Rockets in the 1 Coin rooms and just in the Bingo Party room, Balloons have been added (because it's a party in there!).

To see all the collections, just click on 'Inventory' at the top left of the Bingo screen and check out everything you've collected, need to find and their rewards! Remember, Bingo Collections are a special feature that lets you win MORE just for playing Bingo as you normally do!

Go collect them all! 

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NEW: Bingo Collections

Great news! Bingo is even BETTER.

We'd like to present you Bingo Collections! Find special collection items on your Bingo cards, daub them all and get a piece towards completing your collection. Once you've completed a collection, you can claim special rewards like Coins, Voucher and Memberships! There's plenty of rewards thanks to more than 30 collections to start completing!

Here's how Bingo Collections work:

  • Enter specific rooms to work on specific collections
  • You'll see some cards with highlighted numbers during the round
  • Daub all the highlighted numbers on one card and you win that piece for your collection
  • Once you completed a Bingo Collection, claim your reward. Get Coins, VIP or SuperVIP memberships - just for daubing the right numbers!

Want to know how many items you still need and what else there is to explore?

Click the Inventory button on the start screen or in any room you find all the information you need: Collections you still need to complete, Collections that are waiting for you and much more! Try it out now and let us know what you think!

Play Bingo & start collecting!

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