What are Coins?

If you want to buy coins, open the GamePoint Wallet and click on deposit.

You will immediately see how many coins you will receive for this transactions.
The total amount received depends on your membership type. VIP members get 50% bonus and SuperVIP members even get 100% bonus.


The GamePoint wallet is not a bank but an online wallet. All changes to your coins are stored here.

Players can earn coins by winning coingames, by donations or by purchasing coins. Depending on your membership type(free, VIP, SuperVIP) you will receive extra coins when purchasing coins.

In addition to an overview of all played games and the associated score, you can also find an overview of the upgrades you have done.

coins in the GamePoint wallet cannot be withdrawn, more information about coins can found in the coin games guide.

  • The gift is paid 3 hourly to every unique IP and every VIP and SuperVIP.
  • Multiple computers within one household are supported but with limitations.
  • If there are both a VIP and a non-VIP name active from 1 location, only the VIP name will receive the Gift, irrespective of the fact if the non VIP name belongs to the same person or not.
  • If you become VIP with that second non-VIP username, you will still receive the Coins (as soon as the payment for the subscription has been received by us).
  • Non VIPs who have received a Welcome Gift less than a month ago on a username/ip address/e-mail address, will not receive these Coins again.
  • VIPs get a 50% bonus on their gift.
  • A SuperVIP gets a bonus of 100% on their gift.
  • Gift are handed out according to CET (UTC +1/GMT +1) time.
With this gift GamePoint wants to make it possible for every active player to continue playing coin games without an extra charge.

Increasing gift
As returning player your gift will increase per day, with up to 50%. By logging in consecutive days the gift increases every day and on the 6th day onwards you will have reached the maximum bonus of an extra 50% Coins.

When receiving the gift a notification screen will appear in-game telling you how much you received and on what day you are. When you skip 1 day the bonus will be reset and you will have to start again with the original value.
   VIP related questions

1. What is a VIP membership?

The GamePoint platform is a free to play service. This means we allow you to play all of our games for free as either a guestplayer or with one of our free memberships.

However we have created many additional features that can only be used when you are a paying member like a VIP or a SuperVIP member. Not in the least, we would like to mention the special coin bonus you will receive when you are a paying member and acquire GamePoint coins via the GamePoint wallet.

You can find a list with all VIP and SuperVIP advantages at www.gamepoint.com/vip

2. How do I become a VIP?
VIP or SVIP are payed memberships. You can purchase one on the VIP page (www.gamepoint.com/vip) or in the VIP tab in your GamePoint wallet. Fill in all the necessary information and choose a payment method.

3. What does the early bird discount entail?
If you extend your VIP or SuperVIP membership, before it expires, you get an early bird discount. With this discount you get 20% off your follow up membership!

4.What happens with my VIP when I want to upgrade to SuperVIP?
When upgrading from VIP to SuperVIP the remaining months of your VIP membership will be divided by the amount a SuperVIP membership costs monthly and added to your SuperVIP membership. The cost for the SuperVIP will remain the same.

For example: You have 1 year of VIP ahead of you, and you would like to upgrade to a year of SuperVIP. Your current membership is converted into 4 months of SuperVIP. So 4 months added to 12 months SuperVIP makes a total of 16 months SuperVIP.

5. Do I get coins when I buy a membership?
You don’t get coins when you buy a VIP or SuperVIP membership. However you do receive 50% (VIP) or 100% (SuperVIP) extra coins on your daily gift or deposits. A VIP receives 40 daily coins and a SuperVIP receives 60 daily coins! VIP and SVIP always receive daily coins when coming online for the first time that day even when playing with multiple accounts.

6. Do I get a refund when I don't use the full lenght of my membership?

You cannot cancel your paid VIP or SuperVIP membership after you have used it for some time. How long this is depends on your countries regulations. On average GamePoint memberships can be refunded within one week of the purchase date (with the administration cost of $ 4,-). After one week the membership cannot be refunded.