Treat your dad like royalty this Father’s Day!

Did you forget to buy your dad a Father’s Day gift? No worries, we got your back! This weekend we are giving you a chance to win a FREE trip to London! Together you could visit London’s West End to see your favorite show or go shopping on Oxford street.

We will reveal the winner of our free trip and other great prizes on Sunday June 16th at 2:00 PM!

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Let's go on ... the Road to Rummy Mummy!

Are you ready for an adventure on the Road to Rummy Mummy in GamePoint Casino?

Come explore Rummy Mummy's Pyramid to collect ancient symbols on your favorite slot games. Collecting a set of symbols not only rewards you with FREE Slot Coins, but also opens a new path to go deeper and deeper into the pyramid. Keep on collecting ancient symbols for more Slot Coin rewards and to reach the last room where something special awaits...

No mummy curses, just free Slot Coins and fun await in GamePoint Casino!

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Win big during our Extra SuperBingos Event!

On June 10th and 11th, we're filling up the pots extra fast for Extra SuperBingos! Join in between 1-4PM ET and 7-10PM ET for huge pots that we'll be announcing in the chat so you know exactly where to go. Don't miss it if you want to win Big Ben sized prizes!

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Join a Big Adventure in GamePoint Casino!

Feeling adventurous? You're in luck because exclusively at GamePoint Casino, you're invited to a special event starting Wednesday, June 12th that'll reveal a surprise for you at the end of the week...

Stay tuned for more info!

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Your journey starts here!

If you were in London, what would you do first? Take the tube to Buckingham Palace, or dish out on fish ‘n’ chips? London offers a wide array of sights to see and things to do and that is why on Sunday June 9th, at 2PM ET, we're giving away a FREE trip to London and more!

There will be other PRIZES you can win as well. All you have to do is be online in your favorite game and room and your name could be called to win. We also want to directly hear what you would do if you win, so email us here: [email protected]

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Binky's in London!

Hiya love! Welcome to London. Together we're traveling to London’s most iconic sights and sampling some iconic foods because our latest destination brings you BRAND NEW collections in GamePoint Bingo. Find them across your favorite rooms and completing them will earn you some amazing prizes!

But it doesn’t stop there, we're also treating you to brand new daubers and limited-time smileys!

Finally, we are giving you a chance to travel to one of the world’s most dynamic cities, because we are giving away FOUR London city trips this month! Stay tuned for more details!

Which collection are you looking forward to completing?

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Lights, camera, ACTION!

It's almost time for The Amazing Bingo Show. During the show we'll reveal GamePoint Bingo's next destination and everything coming this month!

The fun starts today with Live Bingo! GamePoint will be calling out your Bingo number LIVE starting at 7PM ET. We'll also share all that's waiting for you this week. There's still time to claim your Live Bingo card. Once the first ball is drawn, it's not possible to claim anymore Live Bingo cards. Make sure your card is ready to go! Click here and claim your FREE card.

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Tomorrow: Win a Samsung tablet

Just 1 day until our Amazing Bingo Show. Familiar GamePoint faces will be telling you all about the awesome things coming in June and hosting LIVE BINGO for you!

During the Live Bingo round you can win great Coin prizes and of course the original Golden Balls are also back! When a Golden Ball gets drawn everyone wins Coins. That's not all, because your Live Bingo Card is also your ticket to win an amazing Samsung tablet!

Get your Live Bingo Card now and join us for the Amazing Bingo Show tomorrow at 7PM ET.

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Last days in Rome

GamePoint Bingo is gearing up to move to a new European city this June 6th during the Amazing Bingo Show! But that also means that we'll be saying 'arrivederci' to our Rome Collections.

You can still complete your collections until June 5th, but don't worry, our new destination comes with a whole new set!

Tune in on June 6th to the Amazing Bingo Show and learn all about our travel plans for June. Most importantly join us for an AMAZING round of Live Bingo. Don't miss the fun, because you could win amazing prizes like a Samsung Tablet! It's FREE! Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card by clicking HERE and see you during the show!

Go finish the Rome Collections to make the most of the rewards before they are gone.

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Join the Amazing Bingo Show!

Over the last few months, Binky has been travelling around Europe and GamePoint will be revealing the next destination in our Amazing Bingo Show!

Everyone's invited to join our Amazing Bingo Show where we'll announce all the fun things coming in June and play our World Famous Live Bingo! You'll see some familiar and new faces from GamePoint go in front of live cameras as they play a live round of Bingo for you to win prizes, like a Samsung tablet! Here's what you need to know:

  • It's FREE! Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card by clicking here
  • You can print your Live Bingo Card if you want, but your card will be automatically daubed as we call out the numbers live
  • Your card will be daubed even if you're offline
  • When you claim your Live Bingo Card, you're automatically in the running to win a Samsung Tablet!

The show takes place on Thursday, June 6th and that means there's only 6 days left until the fun kicks off!

Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card now!

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