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Toepen - Spilinformation

Objective of the game:
The objective of the game is to win every round the last trick.

Basic rules of the game:
1. Every player is dealt 4 cards from a 32 card deck.
2. The cards are played one at a time face up in tricks.
3. The first card played in a trick determines the suit for that trick. A player must follow suit to win.
4. The goal is to win the last trick to prevent receiving any penalty points.
5. The order of the cards is 10(high), 9, 8, 7, A, K, Q, J.
6. You may toep during a round at any time during play. When you push the toep button the opposing players may either fold and receive the previous point total or risk receiving the new increased total by remaining in the round.
7. Once you reach fifteen penalty points you are eliminated.
8. With the toep variation