Market, Badges and Perks
   The GamePoint Market
The GamePoint Market gives our players a chance to make their GamePoint experience more personal. Currently the market offers a variety of badges. To access the market simply press the market tab underneath the chat or above the game under profile and then badges.
The market offers a wide range of badges displaying different personal interests and hobbies. Badges are similar to medals though they do not have to be earned by unlocking a certain achievement. Players can purchase a badge with GamePoint coins and showcase them in their in-game profile. 
You can choose to make use of Perks when playing a game. You can purchase Perks for a small amount and they'll give you a helping hand in the game. You can make use of 3 Perks per game. Perks can give you extra insight in the game and perhaps give you the edge you need to win the game! You can find more information on the game-specific Perks in the Game Information section.