Time for a Labor Day Giveaway!

Time for a Labor Day Giveaway!

Labor Day means summer is coming to an end and some people have to get ready for school and work after coming back from vacation. So this year, we're giving out EVEN MORE PRIZES that hopefully help make the upcoming season easier!

Here's what's up for grabs when you come online on Monday, Sept. 3 at 6PM ET (in any game and in any room):

  • Coins
  • VIP or SuperVIP Memberships
  • Wake-up Light
  • Mini Portable Air Conditioner
  • Wearable Activity Tracker
  • Logitech Web Camera
  • Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Laptop

But wait, there's more! This weekend and up until our special Labor Day Giveaway, everyone can collect their 3-hourly gift every 2 hours thanks to the Express Bonus!

Is there a prize you'd really like to win? Let us know and see you on Monday! And of course, have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

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crazy_redhead -
Thank you for the extra coins and a great gameroom
klevergirl2017 -
thanks for all your fun and games i love GAMEPOINT and the coins when are you gonna bring back darts that was my fav i hope i win on monday

thank you for your time A BIG GAMEPOINT FAN

AidaGP -
Wishing you luck during the giveaway!

And Darts has been retired. It moved to Florida, found a retirement home and makes the grandkids visit every school break. And in the mean time, it took up yoga and painting by the beach. It never thought to have the courage to dance before retirement, but the fear was cast aside and now there's weekly salsa classes. Maybe even springing for that dance tournament!

(in case it's not clear, there's no plan to pull Darts from retirement )
Sherrie149 -
Enjoy playing all your games
RitaO729 - 2 Setembro, 2018 14:53
Thank you for making me feel welcome every day.
Ididit -
Best gameroom ever.. My favorite, bingo and thanks for the free coins
Ididit -
best gameroom ever...love playing bingo o this site
NancySmith420 - 3 Setembro, 2018 19:42
I love playing your bingo....and would so love to be a super vip...I am on a limited income and i do buy coins when i can. woild also love a new lap top as mine is really not for gaming.Thank you game point for filling the hours of my day with fun, thanks again,,,,,NancySmith420
AidaGP -
Fingers crossed for you!
LindaS1015 -
where do i need to be at 6pm for drawing?
AidaGP -
As the text says, just online! Any game, any room
LindaS1015 -
where do i need to be today for 6pm givaway?
j2324 -
i would love to win a laptop please and coins