Become a Bingo Millionaire!

Become a Bingo Millionaire!
What would you do with a MILLION Coins? Thanks to your efforts last week, the Bingo Millionaire round has been unlocked! The round takes place on Friday, May 24 at 3PM ET, but you can already claim your cards right now. All cards will be saved and daubed automatically when the Bingo Millionaire round begins. That means you will still have a chance to win, even if you cannot attend the round in person.

As the name suggests, the pot will start at a staggering ONE MILLION Coins, but it’s expected to grow even more with every card purchased!

And did you know? If you participated in unlocking the Bingo Millionaire last week, then a FREE CARD is already waiting for you in the room. Head over right now to claim your chance of becoming our newest millionaire!

Join the Bingo Millionaire now!

Chastity -
i'm really upset,i thought there was 15 cards so i clicked play all and it took my whole 10,000 coins so just a big waste :( people like me wil never win in there
AidaGP - 20 Maj, 2019 9:16 AM
There's indeed more than 15 cards (because more cards = bigger pot & more chance). There's a slider where you can scroll to see all the other cards and the extra row is visible from the start. Good luck during the round!
Chastity -
oh im broke now so i wont even see the winner but im sure i know who will win.and as far as the slider goes i have never seen a gp game with a slider.But i will just call it another huge money loss at game point.Gamepoint never ceases to disappoint.
ZazaBoubou -
bsr je suis bloquer sur le jeux mes cartons ne marque pas c tres dificile esce ke jai desmise a jour a faire svp mc
AidaGP - 23 Maj, 2019 9:08 AM
I don't speak French

Google translate: Cliquez sur "Contact" en bas du jeu et mes collègues français pourront vous aider.
bubbleblitz -
his cards won't mark. ZaZaboubou aller à français page de nouvelles ou contacter le support
Chastity -
lol 1 winner for pattern 1 winner for bingo!! hilarious NEVER AGAIN WILL I PLAY ON THIS SITE
O0_55_O0_55_O0 -
winners list please
ZZ_a_LOVE_a_ZZ -
1000s of players yet i saw some names more than once,was believable until 1 name for pat 1 name for bingo,do the odds
Righteouness -
This game was un fair! Please do better, at least remember the under dogs, little people, and the less fortunate more... never to forget the poor...b/c after spending money on this overly adverised event it did nothing more than left All the Players drained of their hard earned coins & disappointed!!! Now that Gamepoint knows better: "DO BETTER"!!!! Ugh! Dear Binky, your gaming site has fallen short!!!