Sweet Giveaway Today!

Sweet Giveaway Today!
Tonight is your chance to win Coins, Memberships and the Ultimate Chocolate Basket filled with Godiva treats! Just be online in your favorite game and starting at 6PM EST and you automatically have a chance to win. Which prize do you want to win?

And today is the last full day to keep on collecting your 3-hourly Coin gifts. So far, everyone who helped out has earned at least 6 days of VIP for FREE! Think we can get 7 days by tomorrow? Find out when your VIP prize is delivered tomorrow on Valentine's Day! If you're already a VIP or SuperVIP, then the extra days will be added to your existing memberships.

Keep on collecting your 3-hourly gifts and play!

kgrace1 -
Thank you Gamepoint. And I know everyone will be happy to get VIP. So, thank you. And to all players. A very XXXXX Good Luck to us all. Hoping today on this event. A finely get to win something. Have fun all.
TraumaNurse911 -