Your best deal on Bingo Cards!

Your best deal on Bingo Cards!
Now available in the GamePoint Shop; Bingo Cards! We're now able to provide each and every one of you a customized deal for Bingo Cards (based on variables like your favorite rooms, previous deposits and more) that aim at BIGGER and BETTER discounts.

  • Where can I find my purchased Bingo Cards?
    You can see your Bingo Card Inventory next to the 3-hourly gift timer in the gray bar above the game. Click it to see how many cards you have sorted by value. Instantly join a room of that value from the Bingo Card Inventory by clicking on the Play button. You can also see how many Bingo Cards you have from the roomlist as well.
  • How do I use my Bingo Cards?
    Easily! Visit a room where you have Bingo Cards and you'll see a green card with 'Play' on it. Click 'Play' and you'll automatically use one of your Bingo Cards.
  • Where can I find my Bingo Card transactions?
    Conveniently together with all your other transactions! Open Servicepoint and in the Account section, you can see an overview of your transactions. You can also click here to see it directly.
  • For which room values can I purchase Bingo Cards?
    Every player sees a personalized offer with the best deals based on the rooms and values that you love to play in. If you try playing in different values, you might eventually get different offers. We’re starting with Bingo Card deals from 25 Coin rooms and up for now.
  • Can the Bingo Cards also be used for Double and Triple Bingo?
    Yes, the purchased Bingo Cards can be used in Classic Bingo (manual and automatic), Double and Triple Bingo!
  • Can the Bingo Cards be converted to Coins?
    Bingo Cards are not convertible. Once bought, your Bingo Cards will remain until you decide to play them.
  • Can we still get free Bingo Cards?
    Absolutely! From time to time you can still get free cards during special events, live shows or giveaways.

If you have any other questions about Bingo Cards, we’re happy to do our best for you. But otherwise, enjoy Bingo and take a look at your personal offer in the GamePoint Shop!

littlevik12 - 17 July, 2017 3:08 PM
been trying to purchase bingo cards thru paypal. but wont even let me get thru to paypal
AidaGP - 17 July, 2017 3:14 PM
Hi there, drop us a line via Servicepoint or message me in-game. We'll take a look at what's up

Edit: Looks like some others are experiencing problems (it's not everyone). But I have some techs looking into it
Wouter - 17 July, 2017 7:37 PM
Hi Littlevik,

We fixed the issue, please let us know if it still occurs :)
cinders1960 -
Hi there, this isn't about the cards but there's nowhere else for me to ask my question. I went in to buy the $100.00 package and the shock of my life finding that it is now $147. and change!That extra $47. and change only gives you 18,000 coins! That's outragious! I'm sorry but I will NOT be buying coins anymore. Even your dabbers are overpriced $1000.00, 1,500 and 2,000! Seriously! It's to bad because I really enjoyed your site, but can't seem to win anymore and it's the same people winning over and over. Once my coins are gone I will delete my account. I found one in my province that is less to play and I will win REAL cash! Thanks for the fun while it lasted!!
axazuma -
go hell aidagp,you can only make daubers and bingo cards.go back to school so you can get REAL work