Let's celebrate together!

Let's celebrate together!
We're kicking off the party in the daily Bingo Party round that always comes with exciting pots! Participate in any Bingo Party round starting today and up to and including Friday, you could automatically win FIFTEEN FREE Bingo Party Cards for the next round! We'll have new winners each day, so be sure to come back!

If you're a fan of rolling dice with your friends, then there's also something for you. We're lowering the points you need to win a RoyalDice Jackpot! For the next days, watch your name announced as a jackpot winner if you score at least 550 points in normal mode (lowered from 675) and 2200 points in triple mode (lowered from 2600 points)!

Play Bingo Party & win!

kgrace1 -
Thanks GP. But some of us just cant play. You take all of our coins. So, Just Give us some free coins plz. thanks. XXX gl to all who need coins.
AidaGP - 10 August, 2017 12:00 PM
XXX gl to every single player!
LindaRose68 -
I don't understand your decision to lower the points for jackpots in RD. Is it just so people can say "I won the jackpot"? To me it takes a lot of the fun out of it, jackpots won every few minutes, not a challenge at all. I'd like it better if you would just leave them "as is". It would mean a lot more to win a jackpot. Thanks for listening to my opinion. I love playing your games!
AidaGP - 10 August, 2017 11:59 AM
Hi Linda, thanks for your feedback. I can understand how Jackpots should be special. The reason why we lower it sometimes for events is so that everyone has an easier shot of a taste. Maybe getting a jackpot during an event is extra motivation to get one outside an event too. Which makes better opponents for you to play against eventually
sweetone1 -
What times are the Bingo Parties?
AidaGP - 10 August, 2017 7:00 PM
Bingo Party is everyday at 2PM EDT. It's the automatic 15 Coin room. Hope to see you there!