Grand Giveaway Today!

Grand Giveaway Today!
Today is the day to win Coins, VIP and SuperVIP memberships and the grand prize: a huge 65-inch 4K TV! We'll start giving away prizes tonight at 6PM EDT. To participate, you just need to be online in any room of any game. If you regularly joined your favorite game during Happy Hours all of last week, then you already have a bigger chance to win!

It's also the last day for the following:

  • 50% discount for the new Oktoberfest Bingo Dauber and RoyalDice Cup. You can keep these items even after the event!
  • Oktoberfest Collections in the 250 and 1,000 Coin Rooms. It's your last chance to collect these items before they're no longer available!
  • One more round of Happy Hours! We'll see you today during 1-4PM and 7-10PM EDT for Extra SuperBingos, Free Bingo Cards, Double Max Bet in GamePoint Slots and Filled RoyalDice Jackpots.

See you tonight during the Grand Giveaway!

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MsSoul - 2 October, 2017 10:47 PM
Octoberfest and all the stuff is nice. I dont understand why collectible items do not show up as often as we need it to? Today is last day? I hardly see any collectible items on 250 cards? I dont see how I can complete it? Thank you
AidaGP - 4 October, 2017 9:49 AM
I don't understand why my lotto numbers never show up on TV when I need them to either

The items drop at random, regardless of how many days are left even if it's in a limited-time collection. But congrats on being able to finish the Dirndl collection (that's a fun word to say!) and on catching some of the regular collection items from the 250 rooms yesterday.
kgrace1 -
WTG to all winners. Have a great day and prayers to all.
MsSoul - 3 October, 2017 2:04 PM
I spent all the coins I have trying in 250 coins rooms. Collection item did not show up all night last night. Very disappointing. Please check my file showing how long I was in 250 rooms and how much I spent. This is not fair. I even saw the ad " collection for 1000 and 250 are now available go there. I went and nothing. It was good many hours and nothing. Not fair. My coins now low. I have seen it happened before like this.