RoyalDice Tournaments now available in beta!

RoyalDice Tournaments now available in beta!
We've invited curious players try out our new RoyalDice Tournament Mode in exclusive rooms with great success. Now it's available in every room as part of a beta test. Try it out and set a High Score for everyone to beat!

As long as a tournament is open, play and aim for a high score as often as you'd like. Every tournament has its own time duration and amount of winners. You don't need to stay online for the whole Tournament. You can join, continue and try again whenever you feel like it.

Think your High Score will stay on top when the time runs out to win the pot? Try it now with this free Coin gift!

Play RoyalDice now!

catfifty2 -
THE Best - hands down - your giveaways are nice - BUT THIS TOURNEY KICKS IT INTO HIGH GEAR!!! thank you thank you!
AidaGP - 6 October, 2017 10:35 AM
Glad you're loving the tournaments! We're still in beta and working on making future iterations even better for you and everyone
kgrace1 -
just crap GP. Same players day after day winning. No matter what room you play in. just sick of it. think I need to take a break from your site. It is no long fun for me. thank you . XXX gl to all players that NEVER get to win.
sky2242 -
I lose my connection during this game on a pretty regular basis...doesn't happen on anything else????
Pennyrae54 -
That has happen to me also I have found that if you are playing on a touch phone or tablet, close the window and open it again right away some times it starts to work again. It is very frustrating!
AidaGP - 6 October, 2017 10:33 AM
Hi sky, connections tend to be shaky you're using wifi or if you have lots of other programs/browser tabs open. You can always try to contact our Helpdesk and they can go into more detailed troubleshooting with you too