New collections in Bingo

New collections in Bingo
Can't get enough of collecting in Bingo and getting all the extra rewards just for playing? We're happy to announce that there's even more Bingo Collections getting added. And with these collections also come more opportunities for fantastic rewards!

Check out all the new collections in Bingo rooms starting from 25 Coins and up. Just by playing Bingo, you can find new collection items on your Bingo cards. Daub them all during a round and get a piece towards completing it. Once you completed a collection, rewards like FREE VIP, SuperVIP and Coins are yours!

But wait, there's more! To celebrate the new collections, we've released your favorite Golden Ball in Bingo to give you a FREE BINGO CARD. If you're lucky, you'll see the Golden Ball roll by in your round and end up help you with those new Bingo collections!

Check out your inventory and take a look at all those new shiny collections we have in store for you!

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mdzee - 6 November, 2017 10:39 AM
I completed my 2500 collection last night and received my gift of 25000 coins--thank you. I was surprised tonight that cards were coming up with collection items. I actually completed 2 or 3 collection items but at that time there was nothing in inventory. I just saw the chat notice that there was a new collection set. I came to NEWS to read about it---I played 2500 room a long time last night so am dissapointed I did not receive credt for the items I completed.
AidaGP - 6 November, 2017 11:09 AM
Hi mdzee, the new collections are live as of this post, meaning, they didn't even exist yet yesterday when you were playing (and when you completed the Treasure Collection in the 2,500 Coin rooms). If you're referring to other already-existing collections, we'd need some details. Since there's a lot of information at hand, might be better to email us by clicking the 'Contact' link below the game screen.

Today so far you did get an item of the one of the new collections (Adventure Tools in 2,500 Coin rooms). So it looks like you've been riding a nice little lucky streak. Enjoy!