The Best of GamePoint 2017

The Best of GamePoint 2017
As 2017 draws to a close, it's time to reflect back on all of the amazing memories we had on GamePoint throughout the year. Some favorites came back, but also had some brand new events and memorable introductions like RoyalDice Tournaments.

We couldn't possibly fit everything into a Top 10, so here's an overview of GamePoint in 2017. Do you think one event was better than all the rest? Comment and let us know what your favorite event of 2017 was!

We kicked off the year with the Fireworks festival in January, a week full of extra surprises in our games. We ended the week with bang and a lucky giveaway.

Then came the GamePoint Chocolate Gala. Love was in the air in February and all players around the world came together to collect as many 3-hourly gifts as possible for more days of VIP that we gifted on February 14th. After satisfying our sweet tooths, we introduced a new kind of event where players could win 15 free Bingo Party cards just for participating in a round!

March was all about luck and gold, the Golden Days. We had daily giveaways with prizes up to 100,000 Coins, the favorite Golden Ball in GamePoint Bingo and limited-time Bingo Collections. One of the biggest updates of the month though was finally having daubers on GamePoint Bingo via your mobile devices. Now you can play with your favorite dauber wherever you want.

In May we welcomed GamePoint Double Bingo to the bingo family. Double the amount of prizes and double the fun.

As the weather warmed up in June, we invited everyone to the GamePoint Marathon, where the more you played Bingo and RoyalDice, the more prizes you got during a special giveaway. To celebrate the Summer Days in July, each and every day brought something unique that surprised players who logged in daily. After the success of launching the Bingo daubers our mobile apps, we followed up in August with getting Bingo Collections ready for on the go too!

September marked the beginning of a new and more direct way to win amazing prizes. We invited you all to play in special Bingo rooms that were opened for a limited time. For every card you played in these special rooms, you increased your chance to win goodies like laptops!

October brings Oktoberfest, one of our most popular events because it's so easy to get extra Coins thanks to Happy Hours and giveaways for tons of prizes. Around this time, we also introduced Gestures in RoyalDice. This was a new way to share your feelings without using words, making it super easy to share 'good luck' or 'well done' with your opponents, especially on mobile devices. We also had our scariest event of the year, Halloween.

We really kept the updates rolling in November with the brand new RoyalDice Tournaments! You can roll your best, set your high score and watch other players try to top you for sweet Coin prizes.

The December tradition is of course, the majestic Winter Wonder Week. We pull together all the best elements of the year for tons of events and giveaways for all our players.

Which brings us to the end of a wonderful and memorable 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful year. We couldn't have done it without you! Let's make 2018 even bigger and better. Enjoy the holidays and see you in 2018.

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kgrace1 -
wow. Great p[c;s Gamepoint. I love them all. Happy New Year to all at Gamepoint.
KathyMatthews1 - 30 December, 2017 6:28 PM
i like them all but winter wonder week is the best for me anyway just wish the laptop was in a lower room so the ones with less coins could play too but its ok happy new year gamepoint
HaseebM2 - 31 December, 2017 12:46 PM
Thank you GP and Aida, indeed wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
JeanetteFair -
I really like Rummy Club!!!
PlayToWin -
!Happy New Year!!! I hope this year is a better year!
GingerL11 -
glad 2017 is behind me,my wish for the new year is Gamepoint completely reprograms,all new winners in games and super bingos,all new millionaires,i think more people will want to come back that have left once word of mouth gets out,i think more people will play more and buy more often if they win sometimes and will want to invite friends.Most of my friends are long gone but ask me now and then if things have changed,can't wait till someday i can say YES!,Happy New Year!
whyevenbother -
they won't change a thing, as far as they are concerned, everything is hunky dory, no problems