First Collection & Dauber designed by players!

First Collection & Dauber designed by players!
During Winter Wonder Week back in December, our Bingo Team held a fun meet-n-greet and held a special Bingo-themed giveaway with awesome prizes. As well as Coins and Bingo cards, a few lucky players won the opportunity to suggest and design a new Bingo dauber and even a collection, which we're proud to present you now!

Ladyindia loves the sea and the sunset, which we combined to a brand new dauber that can be used by everyone for FREE! Try it out now!

Our player Tout_Doux was determined to create a collection, which would speak to everyone in the Bingo Community. As a result, you can now collect the flags of all major Bingo-playing countries at GamePoint in the 50 Coin rooms.

Head to Bingo now to see what wonderfully creative daubers and collections your fellow players came up with! If you could decide, what kind of dauber or collection would you like to see in Bingo?

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DonDonna411 -
what room are the new collections in?i cant find them
DonDonna411 -
oops nevermind i see now it says 50 room
linstitch68 -
Love the sunset dauber, thanks!
FunOne2 - 2 February, 2018 3:23 PM
love the sunset dauber. Congrats to LadyIndia!
also love the flag collections