Collect them all for a new dauber!

Collect them all for a new dauber!
At long last, here it is! Today we're releasing the new Egypt Collection in your favorite Bingo game! Collect all the Egyptian artifacts in the 1,000 Coin rooms and get an exclusive Pharaoh Dauber as reward.

Walk like an Egyptian thanks to this special Pharaoh Dauber for your Bingo Cards!

Play GamePoint Bingo and start collecting now!

DigDigger -
can never afford the 1000 game
AidaGP - 7 February, 2018 5:27 PM
Hey DigDigger, we did also launch a new collection in the 50 Coin rooms recently. Try those out first and maybe that new FREE dauber may also bring you some luck
XxBlinkxX - 7 February, 2018 3:36 PM
always high coin rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AidaGP - 7 February, 2018 5:24 PM
Have you tried the Flags collection that we also recently launched in the 50 Coin rooms?
XxBlinkxX - 7 February, 2018 6:32 PM
some people cant afford the 50 COIN rooms!!!!!!!!
rhondacu2fla - 7 February, 2018 9:49 PM
Well there's another dauber I can't get. bummers
greentealeaves -
Its not fair would love to play but never any coins, sorry cant buy to loose them all in a game room.