More fixes and improvements!

More fixes and improvements!
We're happy to share some more fixes and improvements for the GamePoint Bingo mobile app. Download it here for Android and here for iOS. Already have it? Then be sure you're playing on the latest version. Thank you to all who have notified us about the bugs!

Better performance
Our Bingo team found ways to have the Android version run much more efficiently and smoother.

Right amount of cards
Players provided plenty of feedback about a bug in the automatic rooms where it was shown that you bought 15 cards instead of 10. Luckily, this was only a visual bug and you never actually bought more than 10 cards. Now the correct amount is shown.

Closing the app
There was feedback that closing and logging out of the app was confusing on Android devices. We reverted some changes so you can close the app without logging out first.

Top bar during SuperBingo
In some cases the topbar was shown during the SuperBingo. This took up quite some space during the game and so we fixed it.

That's all folks! Remember to always have the latest update to keep on playing GamePoint Bingo on the go.

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CherylD804 -
help my game womt load
AidaGP - 11 April, 2018 10:23 AM
It's always better to contact our Helpdesk because then they can go into much more detail regarding your account. But as of this comment, it looks like you've collected your 3-hourly gift and have been playing online. Have fun!
ROSEBUD1 - 12 April, 2018 4:12 AM
how come i can't win much anymore, looks like i am getting pretty much a lot of bad cards, do you do this on purpose, after ten years on here, i never can get a head, i buy and i lose. happens a lot anymore,. supers are impossible to win and i can't win enought coins to get collectable in 1,000 rooms. when are you going to start selling a decent amount of coins, its been terrible in here on the coin packages you offer. really sad how this game has been all about buying coins and not much in return. what happen to this game that its not as good as it used to be. feel really cheated.
AidaGP - 13 April, 2018 10:38 AM
Hi Rose, we already discussed many of those points on a previous blog post.

But regarding sales, I do know that GamePoint is trying to give out more personalized offers that are dependent on people's play style, preferred rooms, etc. And sometimes they experiment with random groups of people (maybe people that have a P in their name, or registered on Thursdays, who knows). But it looks like you've certainly taken advantage of several personalized promotions, which were things that not all players had access to via the shop.
ChaChing14 -
I agree with u to much for not a whole lot of winning anymore on here..It just seems to be the same players always hitting the bigger amounts and makes no fun for the rest of us..They get on weeks of streaks of winning..While some of us only get one day if we are lucky enough..It has become very frustrating and not enjoyable to play on here anymore...
WillowWon -
the sound is stuck on it wony check off
AidaGP - 13 April, 2018 10:41 AM
Hi Willow, that's something we're currently working on.

For anyone else, there's a new issue (since the current update) where you can't adjust your sound settings within the GamePoint Bingo app. Meaning, if it was on before the last update, it stays on. Or vice-versa. This should be fixed in a future update.
NanaCampbell -
all games get stuck at aqua ball saying "click here" to play. won't go any further. happened yesterday afternoon as well. playing on gamepoint or facebook, same thing. any solution on this?
DFerrell - 3 May, 2018 8:19 PM
Is GamePiont going to resupply the collection items? I enjoyed this aspect of playing bingo, but now I have collected all possible in the rooms I play in.