15 New Patterns for GamePoint Bingo!

15 New Patterns for GamePoint Bingo!

You asked, we listened! We've had 45 patterns faithfully running in GamePoint Bingo for a long time, but now we've added 15 new patterns. Some of the patterns were even suggested and drawn by your fellow players too. Do you think we should keep on adding new patterns? What kind of patterns would you like to see?

To help you keep on playing and discover the new patterns, the Golden Ball will be rolling through your games. If it makes an appearance in your round, all participants will get a FREE CARD!

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oceanjewel - 7 June, 2018 11:20 AM
you are a scam....i spent over $600 dollars and got nothing back...i hate to think what the rest of the people are spending....you are now reported to the canadian business bureau...you will be shut down! good luck with that netherlands...and i thought you were such an honest country! it's countries like you, who are the downfall for all countries! you are bullies and CANADA will not tolerate bullies!
AidaGP - 7 June, 2018 12:49 PM
Hi oceanjewel, every single card has the same chance, no matter who is playing it (the cards can't tell what country a player is from, whether they prefer dogs to cats, etc.). Depositing doesn't make a card more likely to win, it's really down to luck. Speaking of which, you've actually been quite lucky! Before your comment, you had several big wins, including one for 13k! Congrats and hope the luck continues
linstitch68 -
Thanks for the new patterns, it's been fun playing all day just to see what they are. I love this site, don't let negative people like oceanjewel get you down. It's a great site and lots of fun.
AidaGP - 8 June, 2018 10:06 AM
Aww, thanks for the love lin!

Losing isn't fun and sometimes a good vent can come out (though I prefer to vent by furiously cleaning or eating ice cream). All we can do is wish everyone luck and remind that there's still plenty of ways to have fun. Speaking of which, glad you like the new patterns! If you ever want to draw some out as a suggestion, you can always drop us a line
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