Time to score some WINS!

Time to score some WINS!

The FIFA World Cup has been underway and GamePoint's getting hyped for the upcoming Finals. The best part is, all GamePoint players are going to be big winners during this special event!

  • Participants score a Free Card when our special World Cup Golden Ball rolls by during your Bingo round
  • Start a new limited-time Bingo Collection in the 50 Coin rooms and collect a sweet reward upon completion
  • Last, but not least; Join our daily World Cup RoyalDice Tournament for a chance to win a month of SuperVIP!

Who's your favorite to become the World Champion? Let us know who you'll be cheering for!

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XxBlinkxX -
really !!!!!!!!!
Annetta29 -
i like when you have new limited time bingo collection, but we all cant afford to play in the
50 coin rooms. have it so all of us can play.
thanks for your time.
it would be nice to add new collections to the already exisitng coin rooms. many are maxed out and would like more to play.
thanks for your time.

im not a soccer fan so i have no favorite.
AidaGP - 9 July, 2018 9:29 AM
Hi Annetta29, thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the Golden Ball rolls by often enough that it helps you play in that 50 Coin room. Sometimes we have collections in higher value rooms, sometimes in lower value rooms. We simply try to spread it around