Treasure every HALF-hour!

Treasure every HALF-hour!
We're diving deeper than ever before. Today only, you have a chance to encounter treasure every HALF-HOUR! All you have to do is be online and play your favorite games and you could be a winner.

On another note, the limited-time collections are extended by another week! Collect them in the 50 & 250 Coin rooms. If you find all tropical fish, you can even unlock a unique Dauber that'll be yours to keep permanently!

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kgrace1 -
Would be nice to win Just one time in my life on here gp. You just take and take. 21.000 in coins gone in 3 days. wow. May be new record. So, over your greed. remember GP. What comes around, Gos around, Some of us. Only have our computers. Use to love your site. But, Greed has come to GP. So, Sad. GL to all. Have a good day all. Thanks.